Museum of the harp and guzina will open in the capital Park

Photos: Moscow 24/Julia Nakona

the Museum of Russian harp, and Chinese harp (guqin) will open on Wednesday, February 12 in the territory of the Museum-educational complex “Sokolniki” in Moscow.

As the press service of the Park, the Museum will serve as a platform for international humanitarian cooperation and implementation of cultural and educational programs. It is expected that visitors will discover “a deep and alluring world of Chinese and Russian culture.”

in Addition to the instruments in the Museum will represent the samples made by the hands of cultural studies of Dmitry Paramonov and in the wizard to create guzina CE Jiangdong. The opening was the collector of folk songs Sergei Starostin, and founder of the project “ethnosphere” Sergei Filatov and others.

Earlier it became known that the Moscow Museum of transport opens in the “Garage truck” on the street Novoryazanskaya in the capital in 2023-2024.

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