Photo: courtesy of the press service

February 14, the most romantic day of the year, the TV channel “My planet” has prepared a special gift for viewers – the premiere of the new project “Surprise me.”

a Joint vacation always seems to be an idea without flaws. But in practice, the rest does not look so rosy. No wonder they say that traveling together is a test the strength of relationships. Leading the project will reveal the secrets of a perfect holiday together.

they Say men are from Mars and women are from Venus. He wants one, she is completely different. What if the journey is able to reconcile the contradictions of gender? According to the channel order of the Institute of modern media (MOMRI) conducted a study and found out that 48 percent of women believe that they are planning a family vacation is perfect, and only 5 per cent of ladies think that this task can handle a man. Men have a different view: nearly half did not see differences in the abilities of men and women to the organization of leisure, and the rest are divided almost equally. 23 percent think that women cope better, and 21% of men believe that they could perfectly organize the rest of the family. So young and easy-going leading TV channel “My planet” Hilda Carmen and Victor Mikhailov agree to the experiment: “switch bodies” and discover the planet on the script of the opposite sex.

“This is a TV game, but it needs, first, to entertain the audience, and secondly, to let them know that the recipe for successful joint journey lies in mutual respect, a cavalier attitude to life, ability to laugh at themselves… and, of course, an important openness to new things, desire to break free from stereotypes not only gender but also other. I want to believe that we got an easy, funny and at the same time, intelligent transmission, which will be equally interesting to both men and women. And I think that we managed to find a very good presenters, whose exuberant energy and love of life, of course, heatiobny to capture audience from the first minute of the program,” – said the chief editor of TV channel Nikolay Tabashnikov.

Each episode is a trip to some region of the planet. The task of leading – to offer its “male” / “female” set of activities, but in the end, both enjoyed the time spent. All versions of activity is always directly connected with the peculiarities of the host country, local flavor and original ideas. At the end of the programme the viewer gets the best rating of “male” and “female” activities and ideas for joint holiday.

In the first series of presenters will visit Azerbaijan and Portugal. In Baku they are waiting for competition in the market bargaining in the Bazaar Yashyl – the most colourful and fragrant place in the city haircut model sheep, swimming in the volcano. The important thing is that all they have to do together. In Lisbon Hilda will feel on itself all delights of Portuguese football in training with leading players, and Victor learns the subtleties of porcelain painting, from which drinking tea the English Queen. In addition, the leading waiting for the Atlantic ocean and first-class waves for surfing.

See the project “Surprise me” on the TV channel “My planet” every Saturday since February 15 at 20:00 (GMT).