A visit to the Mexican without the Nachos as an Appetizer? For many, unthinkable. The Tortilla Chips are in this country right popular: they can be eaten as a Snack in front of the TV or with guests, in combination with Chili or other toppings such as cheese, but also fill the stomach.

Meanwhile, there are also a large selection of Nacho varieties in the supermarkets: From sea salt to cheese and all the flavors are. However, the products are often more expensive than normal Chips, and with a lot of preservatives. Not to forget: Nachos from the supermarket shelf come from the taste mostly not self-made. Therefore, we would like to present to you here is a recipe with the Tortilla Chips easily at home can conjure up.

Nacho recipe: These are the ingredients you will need for the Tortilla Chips

For four servings of Nachos, you will need these ingredients:

500 g corn flour 200 g wheat flour 500 ml water 4 TBSP olive oil 1 TSP salt

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As a typical Marinade for Nachos, you can choose, including:

olive oil (as a base) red pepper spice salt pepper chili powder or flakes

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preparation for homemade nachos all the ingredients – corn flour, wheat flour, water, olive oil, and salt in a bowl and mix with a hand mixer mix. Then, the kneadable Nacho comes dough for an hour covered in the refrigerator. Meanwhile, the preferred ingredients for the Nacho Marinade into a second bowl and mix together. The dough is placed onto a floured work surface and with a rolling pin to approximately three millimeters rolled out. The spread-out dough with a knife into triangular pieces. A little Oil in the pan and the Nachos for about a Minute and cook both sides until they are Golden yellow. The baked Nachos in the second bowl with the spice mixture and toss until they stick.

After the Nachos had a bit of time in the fridge to cool, you can be with a Dip of your choice served: cheese, Salsa and Guacamole Dips are the most common variants.

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