At first glance, they almost look like COP: blue Uniform, hat on the back of KVR is “”. Since a year there is the Communal outdoor service (KAD) of the district administration unit (KVR). Now, the unit takes stock of the situation. The Sheriffs support the police at the focal point of the main railway station and its environment. Specifically, they take care of adversity to the right, so interference below the border to commit crimes. “According to the opinion of the police has improved the situation,” says KVR-chief Thomas Böhle.

The most common inserts

Since the 2. July 2018 has included offenses of the Municipal foreign service (KAD) 1312 order, 334 place references definitely and 16 116 information to citizens and tourists have been granted. The KAD is currently with 63 strip forces present – to September it is supposed to be 85. The most common reasons for Deployment were alcohol-related disorders (682 cases), wild 557 cases) bieseln (that is, the Check of the Vital functions (492 cases) and Begging (438 cases).

The everyday life of the Sheriff’s + use: A woman is accosted at the Stachus.© Markus Götzfried

“sort in the Morning, the Teams and sort out who is with whom and where on-the-go,” says Rima S. (37), who works for the KAD. Three – and four-strip patrol around the station. In the process, they also control the drug Hotspots protect street, walnut Park, and the old Botanical garden. “It helps if we show presence. As groups to solve quickly,“ says Georgius Z. (29). Nevertheless, she would check “on a daily basis, the vital signs of the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, the people,” as S. The most common problems were but to Beg wild to Urinate and aggressive, she says. “In front of the station highly intoxicated people are sometimes. If the fight, in between we go,“ says Vito F. (47). “We will try to resolve the dispute communicative.” If unsuccessful, call the Sheriff’s police. “We are also often engaged to help. “Yesterday, we brought to, for example, a disoriented old lady to the subway,” says Z.

special cases

KAD can assume no tasks in the fight against crime – yet he is the police a great help. Three examples:

Than in the station district, a hookah Bar, was invaded and robbed, entered a KAD-Patrol jointly with the police, the Local. Two of the four crooks were still on the ground. With the help of the Sheriffs, the police were able to overpower the two men.

In another case, could prevent a KAD Patrol a possible sexual abuse of a woman. At the Central station, the Sheriff saw how the woman was sexually harassed. The offender fled. The Sheriff brought the woman to the police. While she filed a police report, took a different KAD Patrol a man to the guard who had spat on passers-by. The woman recognized him as the perpetrator, who she had harassed earlier. That is why the police arrested him on a provisional basis.

frequently, the KAD will take care of people under the influence of drugs. Once you saved a man’s life that was on the Sidewalk of Bayer road. Next to it a glass lay pipe. The Sheriff realized that the man got no more air, and provided First aid. After the man came back, holding him as he fought back against the rescue forces.

More on the topic of problem-quarters of the Central station and how the police controlled amplified.

Laura Felbinger


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