Named the most unnecessary profession in Russia on the background of the pandemic

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Pandemic coronavirus reduced the demand for the profession of waiters, cooks, guards and cleaners. In addition, employers have no interest in event and office managers, maids, secretaries and fitness trainers.

As told RIA Novosti the recruiting company, the number of vacancies of hotel and restaurant business (HoReCa) with the beginning of the year increased, but in March the rate decreased. It is noted that the demand for one of the most popular linear position of “waiter” in the last three weeks has dropped tenfold.

in addition, the cuts and vacancies of nurses, although their average salary per month increased by nine percent (to 36.1 thousand rubles in Russia and 42.3 thousand rubles in Moscow and the Moscow region.

the number of remote jobs during the month increased in Russia as a whole at 71%, in Moscow – by 25 percent. In turn, the number of CVS of candidates for remote working increased by 220 percent.

Earlier it was reported that under the impact can be analysts, legal advisors, pharmacists, realtors, translators, teachers and Tutors. This is due to the rise of automation and digitization in the context of the pandemic.

What industries were particularly affected because of the coronavirus

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