The German national team can score a 1:2 defeat as progress. A few months ago this scenario was unthinkable, now it is a reality. The game against the champion of France in the Nations Cup has spawned a number of positive findings. And the sporting Situation of the selection at the same time exacerbated.

It was the sixth defeat this year, such a negative balance existed in the history of the German football Association, even Gibraltar, comes in the previous year to more game wins than Germany. Löw’s team threatens the descent in the Nations League.

it was at least as important as the result on this balmy Tuesday evening in Paris, the feeling, the team and Löw, mediated by the spectators. Löw showed at least a little as a innovator in Manuel Neuer, Mats Hummels and Toni Kroos, only three members of his now-disputed champion of the world-axis. And brought in Niklas Süle, Thilo Kehrer, Nico Schulz, Leroy Sané, and Serge Gnabry five new, a large part of young players. Finally, it looked for a new start.

Long eye-to-eye with the best team in the world

He sent the important Signal that he is ready to change themselves and the team. His Plan with a defensive three-chain and a lot of strength in the midfield and went long in the first half, his selection dominated the game, exuded much more confidence and coherence than the 0:3 against the Netherlands and lost miserable. For large periods it was on par with the currently best team in the world – that had not necessarily been expected.

Löw, the new Generation late in the starting eleven – but he does. For the first Time since the disastrous world Cup, it was a German Elf, as many Fans and experts of your choice. The course he must necessarily lead. He stressed after the game, and have personnel decisions with Conviction and not merely on pressure from the Public made, speaks for him.

However, it remains difficult for Löw. The young players played very engaging and with a lot of speed, showed, however, that you to world class, yet something is missing. Furthermore, the chance of exploitation of the German is much too weak, Sané, Gnabry and Timo Werner worked a lot for the team, came against France in terms of effectiveness but also their limits. Their speed alone is not enough, you still need to Mature, the national coach must have, in cooperation with the club coaches, forms, and patience. It is also interesting to be dealing with Thomas Müller, who has always been considered as a set, and the coach against France einwechselte just before the end. This personnel is very delicate.

A bright spot for the German football

Löw has given the game against France air. The discussion about him should go further, however, the less sharp will be played as the last. The bosses of the Association as the main officials of the League behind him, in spite of the second defeat on this international trip do not need to fear the 58-Year-old his Job.

The challenge for Löw it is now, the break with the views of the European Championships 2024. And to ensure short-term success. The Tuesday evening was for the German football. A piece of wrapping, as described by the Association’s President, Reinhard Grindel. Not more and not less.


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