The German national team, after a defeat at world Champions France in front of the descent from the Elite group of the Nations League. By the 1:2 (1:0) in Paris, the Team of national coach Joachim Löw in the fight for the Class remaining in the A-League to help the French hope.

While Toni Kroos scored in the 14. Minute with a converted hand with a penalty in the lead. In front of approximately 75,000 spectators in the Stade de France, Antoine turned Griezmann with a double pack (62. and 80./Foul penalty) the game. Germany is now in need of a victory against the Netherlands (19.11.), in addition, the Oranje may not win at the last round at home against France. The eye-catcher of the Evening in the Overview.

Changes in the Evening

Five times changing, Joachim Löw, of his starting eleven in comparison to the attrition in the Netherlands. With Gnabry and Sané of the coaches in the Offensive on speed, and three new for the Defensive came up with Kehrer, Süle and Schulz. The safety-conscious formation: The French, at least in the first half, hardly to their dreaded tempo runs behind the defense chain.

handheld game of the Evening

After a nice vertical pass Sané tries to play the Ball back from the byline towards the penalty spot. However, the ball only comes up to the lower arm of PSG defender Presnel Kimpembe. Referee Mazic (Serbia) decides without a second Thought to hand a penalty. A hard but reasonable decision. Real Star Toni Kroos starts, is delayed slightly and turns flat (14.). France goalkeeper Hugo Lloris had suspected the corner and was on the Ball.

misplaced pass of the Night

After the tour, the German Eleven on the handle and plays on the 2:0. Leroy Sané has to think after 19 minutes, suddenly free – and 40-Meter Sprint to a lot of time. Rather than self-enforce, he wants to put in the box transverse to Timo Werner. But Lloris is speculating and scratching the Leipzig, the ball from the foot. That was a huge chance for 2:0, the the has Man-City-Star as easily forgiven.

man of the Evening,

The equaliser, the Frenchman is worth seeing. After the break, the champion increases the pressure and rewarded for a good hour. After a few passes without German opposition, Lucas Hernandez has space for the flanks. Its in the gift lands on the head of the totally free-standing, Antoine Griezmann, who heaves the Ball from twelve yards gates, walking distance to corner (62.). New is not no chance, but the German defense makes in this scene, overall, not a good figure.

18 minutes later it is again the Atletico Star in the center. After a Foul by Hummels on Blaise Matuidi referee Mazic blows the whistle for the second penalty of the Evening. Griezmann will choose the same corner as Kroos in the first half, the New has no chance. The 2:1 (80.) on the one hand is happy, because the German team was, especially in the first half, clearly better. On the other hand, the French made up after the powerful steam, and shone almost with every attack scoring chances. They did, and that is the difference with the DFB-Elf, the balls in it.

voices in the Night

Joachim Löw: “I’m disappointed at the outcome, this defeat would not have to be. On the other hand, we were eye-to-eye with the champion of the world. Today we have been for a very good game don’t get rewarded. France has made quite a few possibilities to two goals. After the game in Amsterdam was a very good response. The team has played with a lot of courage. If we are a bit smarter, we make the 2:0 and win the game. After the 0:3 against the Netherlands, it was clear that we had to lead personnel and structural changes. I have not decided on the basis of public pressure, but out of Conviction.“

Manuel Neuer: “It always feels bad when you lose. If you had everything under control. We have put great effort and us in the first half, just not rewarded. Jogi and the team of coaches had a clear Plan. He is also risen. The result of the game again today. We have played, we have won in Holland-3:0. France was afraid of us.“

Serge Gnabry: “We were not worse than France. If we play the counter attack better, we can make the 2:0. That’s why the mood is not too bad. At noon today the coach has spoken with us. For me, it was something of a surprise that I was in the starting lineup. The Trainer told us, that we should be brave to play to the front.

Reinhard Grindel: “The team is disappointed because they are not rewarded. It was a very good team performance. We look now to the next two games. Today, we have seen a piece break that courage and Confidence for the future. The key factor was what the team showed. We look with Confidence in the direction of the EM-qualification.“

Disappointed of the Evening,

Kylian Mbappé is in gala form. Four League goals within 13 minutes, two goals against Iceland for its latest balance sheets to impress. But against Germany, the Supertstar from PSG disappointment. Again and again his attempts at Ginter or Süle, again and again, the swelling dies at the end of jubilation at the Stade de France. And if he break it then creates through, there is Manuel Neuer. Just before and just after the break, the Bayern goalkeeper saves, respectively, against Mbappé. To be deflected in addition, he is a promising long-range shot from Paul Pogba next to the gate. For the first time in four games, the 19-Year-old remains without its own goal.

gesture of the Evening

Before the kick-off Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) was the 1998 world Cup in France, German Hooligans, dangerous for the life of the injured policeman Daniel Nivel with the Federal cross of merit. The 63-Year-old, who is disabled since the attack hard, got the award in the residence of the German Ambassador in Paris handed over. Maas commended level as a “Symbol against hooligan violence”.

Reservist of the Evening

Thomas Müller was the most prominent victim of the Löw-Rotation. The world Cup top scorer of 2010, and this was the last in a serious form crisis, followed by the best German half of this year from the reservist role. Leroy Sané who played in his place, was the constant risk of the source and initiated many attacks from the German Eleven. Whether Müller is one in November against Holland back to the starting line-up is this evening from Paris, is questionable.


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