we Lose in the digital noise of our enjoyment of life, emotional and Relationship skills? The wonders of the staff developer and philosopher Thomas Weir in his new book, “incident man”. In the WORLD Interview, he looks more vulnerable than the privacy in the car.

the WORLD: Mr Weir, cars will talk in the future, even with us. This is a beautiful new, a beautiful digital world?

Thomas Weir: I don’t think so. Here, it’s about Power and dominance, the question of who is master and who is servant. The technology is currently trying to take the lead. Artificial intelligence is not the solution to all problems.

the WORLD: What’s so bad if the cars take over in critical situations, the supremacy? With the Anti-lock braking System ABS has started already more than 30 years ago and proven to be.

Weir: There are areas in which the technology supports the people. But there are other fields, I think here specifically to current forms of networking, in which the digitization deprived the people of his Intuition. Why should I decide, why is a sense of something developing, if an algorithm suggests, what is the right Restaurant, the perfect gas station, the most beautiful music, or the best movie?

the WORLD: Why should it interfere with the drivers?

Weir: Today, these vehicle data are read out, for example, personalized advertising on the Screens of the cars allow. The people will be taken even to the places you keep for your private retreat space, the air. Artificial intelligence complicates the identification with self: Who am I, what belongs to me? It is not a question of whether one holds a Smartphone in his hands, it’s about the attitude as a whole.

the WORLD: But the human being is often – also the car is the biggest error – source, to Err is human.

Weir: And we must be able to withstand! That is exactly the point: Maybe we, maybe we end up in the wrong movie or buy a product that does not meet our needs. But something makes us a people and not the appendage of a machine, the agents of an algorithm. Because we make mistakes, we can forgive others, that you are perfect. It is a realization that demands our compassion. What we have of a perfect world in which man interferes only?


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