UIP-1: how to use a Kalashnikov extinguish fires

Weapons 17/02/20 WHIP-1: how to use a Kalashnikov extinguish fires

Amazingly, the most popular in the world and the most popular variant of small arms, Kalashnikov (AK), were able to find peaceful uses. The exhibition of 1999, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the outstanding designer M. Kalashnikov, it has been demonstrated the device, developed on the basis of the AK experts “Izhmash” under the leadership of his son, Viktor Mikhailovich. The device was a purely peaceful purpose was a fire suppression system pulse type.

the Principle of operation of the slot machine fireman

the Principle of operation of individual equipment (WHIP) on the basis of AK is in the flow by means of compressed air in a special, impaled on the barrel of the gun tank fire extinguishing aerosol spray which when the blank cartridge under high pressure is directed to the object of the fire.

the Idea behind the principle of AK-firefighter, to call it innovative would be incorrect. In 1990 (patent application No. 4811826) one of the Russian inventors proposed to use for pulse fire filled with gunpowder (or other explosives) cartridge to dinamoriga grenade launcher. Similar proposals have appeared previously.

what is the advantage of

However, use as a WHIP exactly what AK is, in the opinion of the developers of the system, a number of advantages, including increased efficiency switching technology due to:

mechanical churning flame high-speed and powerful stream of fine particles of the mixture/water;cloud of fire extinguishing aerosols, having filmed effect;accelerated cooling of the burning surface in almost instantaneous vaporization of small particles of the fire-extinguishing mixture/water;dilution and subsequent displacement of the oxygen-vapor mixture/water from the combustion zone;deposition of combustion products in flow injection automate aerosols.

in addition, the UIP on the basis of AK belongs to the category of high-speed engines (lag lies in the range of 0.1–1 s), the rate is limited only by the speed of response on the start-up of compressed air and pumped into the cylinders of fire extinguishing compounds.

under development

However, judging by press reports (TASS, Izhevsk, 30 March 2018, and “Kommersant” №69 from 18.04.1998), the possibility of mass use of structures of the Ministry of emergency situations adapted to fire AK for a number of reasons, is still a question. Still, the idea remains promising.

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