Oleg Gordievsky: as the chief traitor to the KGB fled to the West

History 22/03/20 Oleg Gordievsky: as the chief traitor to the KGB fled to the West

the Soviet era rich in stories of political figures, which at the time was rapidly built a career, and was subsequently unmasked and recognized as enemies or traitors. One of the main traitors in the history of the USSR, many believe Oleg Gordievsky. After graduation from University, he works in the main Directorate of the KGB. Discreet and responsible, he does not remain without attention of the leadership, which admits him to the secret information of an international character. In 1966 he was sent to Denmark – it was one of the first trips abroad as a KGB officer.

Double play

In 1982, he receives an order to transfer to London, where, under the guise of the diplomatic system works in the Soviet Embassy. And in 1985 on the orders of Gorbachev occupies the post of acting resident. In the same year, at the suggestion of one of the CIA officers Aldrich Ames reveals all the ins and outs Gordievsky. He got a list of the spies, who were playing a double game. It is not known who “leaked” this secret information to the Soviet authorities. But based on some of the archives historians still claim that this is the work of Ames. Gordievsky himself confirms this opinion.

Under the guise of necessary consultations before appointment of a resident he was summoned to Moscow, where immediately on arrival, he falls under informal investigation. His interrogation, using special substances. However, questioning any results do not give Gordievsky denies all charges. Not having received the necessary information, the Soviet leadership does not release it back and installs covert surveillance, hoping to catch the “hot”. Being an experienced intelligence officer, Gordievsky realizes that his exposure is only a matter of time. Therefore, in order to avoid punishment, decides to flee the country.

the Escape

the Plan illegal border crossings was developed with the participation of British intelligence. 20 July 1985 the plan is successfully implemented. British diplomats met him on the border with Finland in the trunk of his car moved through the checkpoints. Thus he made it safely to the UK. 6 years after several attempts to take his wife with two children, the family is still together. A year later, his wife filed for divorce.

After a series of investigations, the KGB found that Gordievsky more than 10 years passed valuable information to the British services. According to the former Chairman of Gordievsky caused the Soviet Union great damage by opening access to classified material that contained information about plans of the Soviet leadership. Many researchers attribute to him a key role in the prevention of nuclear war.

during the military exercise Able Archer in 1983, the Soviet government was concerned about the possibility that NATO members are preparing for a nuclear strike. In the Soviet Union immediately reacted to this information and concentrate all forces to attack first. In the opinion of management of the Soviet Union, only such a tactic could resist the West. To prevent the attack helped Gordievsky, informing the British about the voltage from the Soviet Union. Due to the information received U.S. intelligence agencies have made adjustments, warning the course of events.

For treason and sentenced Gordievsky to death. After fleeing to Britain, he managed to escape punishment.

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