Olympic champion in figure skating Ksenia Stolbova retired

Photo credit: TASS/Valery sharifulin

the Skater Ksenia Stolbova has announced his retirement, reports RT.

Athlete became the Olympic champion 2014 in team competitions. She also won silver at the Games in Sochi paired with Fedor Klimov. In addition, they ranked second in the world championship 2014.

In 2019, a similar statement was made by the Olympic champion in team competitions in figure skating tournament in Sochi Ekaterina Bobrova. 29-year-old skater noted that doing so without regrets and with joy in her heart.

to End his career decided and Kristina Astakhova speakers paired with Alexei Romanovym. This happened in 2018, when she was 21. The skater explained that the lack of prospects and a difficult relationship with a partner.

In 2017, the same was done with Olympic champion and Sochi 2014 team tournament Julia Lipnitsky.

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