More than 1,200 presentations pharmaceutical funded by the public health go down this Friday in price with the entry into force of the Order of Reference Prices, 2019, published in the Official State Bulletin (BOE) last September 19, a decision that will save more than 39 million euros, according to estimates by the Ministry of Health. Citizens also will be benefitted in more than five million in proportion to the copayment that they must take according to his income, and if they are pensioners.

The price reduction also affects other drugs dispensed by hospital, with which the public health wants to reduce the bill by 79 million additional.


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Among the drugs included in the measure are some of the most widely used among the population, such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, omeprazole and amoxicillin, among many others. The following are some of the new prices that the patients will be found in the store here in spain:

Paracetamol : box of 20 tablets of one gram of this pain reliever and fever reducer passes cost 1,22 euros, 68 cents less than up until now.

Ibuprofen : The presentation of 20 tablets of 400 milligrams of anti-inflammatory, which is also used as antipyretic, reduces its cost of about a euro of the almost three is worth today.

Amoxicillin : This antibiotic, in your box of 30 tablets, low price of 90 cents until the 5,70 euros.

Omeprazole : The 28 capsules of 20 milligrams of this drug against gastric reflux happen to be worth 2,42€, 1,5 € less than now.

Ventolin (salbutamol) : The 30 tablets of four milligrams of this medication indicated for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) will cost 2,12 euros, 69 cents less than now.

Dulotexina. This antidepressant, marketed under the brand names Cymbalta and Xeristar, low in its presentation of 28 pills of 60 milligrams of 49 to 27 euros.

Fentanyl. This opioid is a drug that, in its various presentations, the more low price. The 30 capsules sublingual 300 micrograms of the trade mark Abstral, for example, have been reduced in price in pharmacy from 231 € 56.

Viscofresh. These artificial tears use eye cost 8,76 euros and from now on, for 2.75 euros.

please See the official gazette the full list of the medications that you see reduced price.


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