In Galicia, where the PP enjoys his only absolute majority, Paul is Married and has held this Saturday, his largest rally to date: a thousand people came to listen to the popular leader and the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, before tasting the menu for the day: “tripe, meat ao caldeiro, chestnuts, desserts of autumn, drink and coffee for 10 euros. Both recovered the speech of the last campaign, calling on those who hesitate between Citizens, Vox and your ballot to return to the PP to expel Pedro Sanchez. And they did it by shaking the fear of the allies of the PSOE (“Torra, Otegi, populist, radical…”) and “the crisis that comes.”


photo gallery in the electoral campaign in The 10-N

Married arrived half an hour late the estate of Lalín (Pontevedra), where they celebrated the meal-rally and Feijóo has not passed. “Paul, you missed a session vermouth amazing,” he said. Was referring to the president gallego to the intervention of one of the opening acts, Jose Crespo, mayor of the town for 25 years and author of the following phrases:

— If the achievements are encouraging, the reconquistas are the milk because sensorially are indescribable.

—Lalín is the City with more cows, musicians and artists per square kilometre in Spain. We have a cow for each one.

Feijóo he resumed the discourse by saying that, if anything, to survive in “the bad times of the PSOE”, “Lalín has milk and meat left over to resist”. Then, he insisted on the idea of the clip between the socialists and the party of Santiago Abascal to try to weaken the PP. “Neither Vox nor Citizens are going to get seats in Galicia. The PSOE looks for decoys to split the vote of the center, will again give all the attention to the Vox because they will only is to divide to conquer”. Popular sources they rely on to recover the third seat of Pontevedra, and another in la Coruña, although the mayors are conveying to national leaders perceived the electorate “very unmotivated” and “disenchanted” with politics in general. The PSOE was for the first time ahead of the PP in a general last April.

After the call to join the vote, Feijóo dedicated his intervention to promote measures adopted by his Government and, at times, it seemed a campaign of regional rather than general. The president of the regional Government, however, has not confirmed yet whether they will be sent to the elections of regional of the year that comes. “Feijóo is an enigma. Always has been,” said a high-level position popular with resignation.

Married himself devoted the greater part of his long intervention, 45 minutes, to talk about issues of national and even international. “Sanchez force the Kings to visit Cuba, a dictatorship. I feel shame”. The popular leader stirred up the fear of the alliance between the PSOE with the independence and We, the party that according to the PP, wants to turn Spain into Venezuela. “We never will be on the side of a regime that according to the United Nations has killed 7,000 people. Or with the Venezuela of Maduro, nor with the castro regime. A little respect to the history of Spain, mr. Sanchez”.

The popular president said that his party has “the same options govern the PSOE,” and that, unlike Sanchez, he had reached agreements “with 12 different parties”. The surveys smile to the PP, to which the repeat election has provided the opportunity to improve their escuálidos 66 deputies in the Congress, but no survey points to a sum of the block of the center-right with Vox and Citizens that would allow them to govern.


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