On sports base in Novogorsk identified case of infection with coronavirus

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Denis Grishkin

the training base “Novogorsk” one of the athletes, held the fees were infected with coronavirus, reported TASS the head of the training base Nikolai Domaracki.

“This is one athlete (who identified coronavirus). All fees are closed,” said Domeracki.

Previously, the coronavirus have been identified in the coach of the national team of Russia on Boxing Anton Cadusina. The Federation said that the coach has a mild form of the disease and he is on home isolation after returning from London.

In Moscow, has developed a mobile application “Social monitoring” for patients with coronavirus. It will allow you to monitor the whereabouts samosoglasovannye citizens.

to verify that the user is near the phone, the app will periodically send the user a push notification with a request to provide a photo.

For the last day in 29 regions of Russia have confirmed 771 new cases of coronavirus infection. Most cases of infection are registered in Moscow – 595.

All registered in Russia 3548 cases of coronavirus infection in 76 regions. Discharged on recovery during the day, 45 people, 25 of them in Moscow. Just discharged from hospitals 235 people.

Under observation in Russia remain 215,5 thousand people.

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