On the cover of Time placed the portrait of XI Jinping in a medical mask

Photos: time.com

Time Magazine put on the cover of the Chairman of the PRC XI Jinping in a medical mask, informs “the Newspaper.ru”.

the page also identifies the main topics of this issue: “Challenge of China”, “Prevent the next outbreak” and “Economic threat.” The cover of the magazine was published in Twitter-account of the publication.

“the Outbreak of coronavirus can destroy the dream XI Jinping about the Chinese century”, – says the publication.

Memes on the topic of coronavirus spread rapidly in the Network. They are divided into different sub-themes: kid the carelessness of others, suddenly appeared a fear of the Chinese and only Chinese.

reports of a new type of pneumonia began to come from the Chinese Wuhan at the end of last year. From the virus died 563, the number of infected in China has exceeded 28 thousand people. More than 1.1 thousand people had been able to overcome the disease.

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