The baby, born in a patrol car, discharged from hospital

a Baby was born in a patrol car, received a gift from employees of traffic police

discharged From the hospital a boy who was born in a patrol car. It happened January 17, reports the Moscow 24 TV channel.

the couple was riding in a taxi when the contractions started. The driver stopped and asked the traffic police faster to take the woman to the hospital. But the birth had to take in the way.

“an Experienced mother, her third child, all done quickly,” – said the inspector of traffic police Alexey Dogadin. Another DPS officer Michael Juskevicius recalls that went very quickly and the baby decided to be born at speed.

the Inspectors said that they did not see, but only heard the whole process. “He sighed and began to shout, thank God, we all sighed that all is well,” said Juskevicius. Then inspectors have wrapped up the baby and called an ambulance.

On that same machine, however after cleaning, the inspectors came to the hospital to meet little Matthew.

“it’s all about that with the child everything is all right” – shares his emotions from birth in a patrol car Tatiana ostrakova.

Obstetricians say that there are cases when women give birth before reaching them. This happens in a taxi, and ambulance and traffic police, as in this case.

According to the head of the 1st Department of pathology and premature newborn babies perinatal center CCH name Yudina Elena Chitrini, long extract stems from the fact that the child was born a little premature and it took time to tarry.

Interestingly, around this time in January in Odintsovo already other inspectors of traffic police also rushed with the woman. They managed to get her to the hospital in the most important moment: the baby was born already under the control of doctors.

To extract a little Matthew has had quite an expected gift from the staff, responsible for safety on the roads – a car seat. One of them, in turn, received an offer to be a godparent.

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