With the Zafira-defined Opel in the late 90s, a Trend: He was the first compact family Van and offered in small size of space for seven people. All the others had to follow suit – from Volkswagen to BMW. Long back, these times of the Opel triumph, and the family vans are at all. Like the sedan, the whole class of the SUVs out of the market is crowded.

Genuine family vans from dying, not only at Opel, but also at other manufacturers, they are replaced by large-space Transporter, which can be sold in other equipment lines as commercial vehicles. The current Zafira model has except the name nothing to do with the predecessors in common. The new Zafira Life is a classic Großraumvan as the Multivan from Volkswagen. No coincidence, because the group’s parent company PSA, with Peugeot Traveller and Citroën space Tourer two Vans in the offer. All three vehicles are available in three lengths.

Opel Zafira Life – like a family Van, a huge great room Transporter Fullscreen

Opel Zafira Life 2.0 Diesel

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was gigantic that the Zafira Life. A length of 4.60, 4.95 and 5.30 metres, you can translate with a large, very large and extremely large. The focus is on the maximum utilization of space. The load capacity of the Zafira Life is between 1500 and 4900 liters. The base model is only offered with a 102 HP and the length of 4.95. Recommended the two-liter Diesel with 150 HP as the manual switch and 177 HP with an eight-stage automatic transmission, are. The Top model achieved with 177 HP and 400 Nm of maximum torque with a maximum speed of 185 km/h. It is not meant only for families. It should also find it as a VIP Transporter and Shuttle model customer.

Opel Combo Life, moving, kids, or kayaking – the Opel range for the athletes and families

the chassis of The Opel is emphasized comfortable. An optional air suspension there is not. The two-litre Diesel is already in the low speed areas of a very powerful on-the-go. The Opel Zafira Life can you get with an all-wheel drive from Dangel. The automatic transmission is convinced, however, of the four-cylinder works relatively loudly. The standard fuel consumption is depending on the wheels, weight, and body version between 7.0 and 8.1 litres of Diesel. In 2024, there will be the Zafira Life with an electric drive, which makes it for Shuttle services, or artisans interesting.

Variable interior

the interior of The Opel Zafira Life was highly variable – here, Opel has learned. The Transporter is to get five, six, seven and eight Seats; on request also with leather interior. In the luxury there are even heated front seats with massage function and four leather chairs for the passengers with a comfortable 48 centimetres of seat width. The passenger is allocated a seat, can fit up to 3.50 meters long objects in the Zafira Life. The third-row seats can be completely kill.

more space is when the seats are expanded. An electric door opener for the two sliding doors, however, costs extra. The entire tailgate will not open electrically, the window swings open by itself. Unfortunately, the seven-inch touch screen and the navigation system are out of date.

Other customer class

Like all Großraumvans the Zafira Life looks outside to a box on four wheels, the descent of a commercial vehicle can not hide. The base car with 102 HP costs 34.660 Euro. Buy the Zafira Life 2.0 Diesel M with 177 HP. This model costs at least 51.750 Euro. A lot of money for a Vauxhall – it will show whether the list prices also prevail on the market. A well-equipped and motorized Peugeot Traveller is traded with more than 10,000 Euro discount – this will not be the Opel different.

Despite the name of equality, friends of the old Zafira with the new alignment is not likely to be satisfied. More size does not necessarily mean more joy. A Transporter of this size always remains unwieldy. Also, the price jump to the old Zafira is phenomenal. For old Zafira to friends of the Combo Life is likely to be more interesting. The is a number of small and the Opel variant of the group-siblings Peugeot Rifter and Citroën Berlingo.

The Zafira ‘Life’ is an offer for all, the dream of a Multivan, but a little less than VW want to pay.

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