Arnaldo Otegi is willing to support an eventual new investiture of the socialist Pedro Sanchez. The general coordinator of EH Bildu has affirmed this Saturday in Bilbao that not only his coalition, but the left pro-sovereignty of the entire State, is prepared to help the PSOE if you want to do “things differently”. Otegi has spoken as the voice of the 12 matches catalans, galicians and valencians who signed a statement in defense of the “right of self-determination” and of the freedom of the condemned by the procés. A statement that the PNV is unchecked to not share the criticism that is poured in the Spanish State.


Otegi refuses to condemn ETA and ask forgiveness of the victims in his controversial interview on TVE PP, Cs, and Vox see “unacceptable” that TVE interview to Arnaldo Otegi

For Otegi, however, the open door is just a remote possibility. In fact, it has been shown convinced that the president is “going to be” for the option of “shielding the regime bourbon” because Sanchez already said he didn’t want to rely on the independents. In that case ,”we’ll be in front,” he warned, in reference to the face of sovereignty, which was born in the declaration of the Llotja de Mar. “If you win Sánchez, which will make it is the investiture, with the abstention of the PP, not a coalition, but the endowment, and the price you pay will be more wood against Catalonia and against the pro-independence, more cuts in social rights for workers, and more cuts of the rights of all the nations of the State. That’s going to be the price, and what we know”, has asserted the leading pro-sovereignty basque, sentenced by the Audiencia Nacional in 2011 as leader of the ETA —in a trial that was not fair, according to Strasbourg—.

Otegi has used the declaration of Barcelona as the starting point of their claims. As has been said, in these elections, the vote to EH Bildu is not the franchise to their acronyms, but the support of the programme of minimum agreed upon for the “set” of forces nationalists, based on the right of self-determination, the amnesty of “political prisoners and exiles”, the “peaceful and democratic ways” and progressive social policies.

“this program is broken once and for all with the legacy he left, tied up and well tied up, which have been taken out of the Valley of the Fallen”, has been sustained after be sure, in this legislature, there will be more deputies “pro-independence” who on the previous one.

Criticism of the PNV

Otegi has criticized the PNV for their impulse for institutional and for the role he is playing in the Spanish politics. The independence leader has returned to say that they are in Madrid of the interim in front of a PNV that prides carry 101 years with representation in Congress. “We’re going to Madrid to leave to go to Madrid, so that one day our voice in Madrid to move through our embassy,” he added.

The coordinator of EH Bildu has held that the holding of four general elections in four years is evidence of the crisis of the Spanish State. “When a team changes coach four years in a row there is a problem of the coach, there is a problem of team,” he explained. For Otegi, the crisis of the “regime bourbon is one of solvency”, because it is not solvent or in the economy or in the political, and the only prescription that can be expected of the Spanish State “is more repression, more strength and more denial of rights,” he commented. As has been said, in the elections of November 10, there is only one option: o allow the “authoritarian drift or oppose”.


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