Upper weikert oven – SC-player-coach John Scheb spoke of an “unfortunate defeat.” Ultimately, two individual mistakes decided in favor of the guests.

Nevertheless, the appearance made Scheb courage for the tasks ahead. The next game is in two weeks. This coming weekend, the Olching, game free have. “Then the first three points are due”, to anticipate the 25-Year-old on the Derby against TSV moorenweis.

Against Denklingen striker Miralem Brkic had clapped after 27 minutes, the Topchance to the lead, but the Ball hits the post. Also thinking of Lingen, which had strengthened in the summer break, with three national League players of the SpVgg Kaufbeuren, once was dangerous (35.). Otherwise, the 100 spectators saw a balanced game.

After a good hour then the preliminary rounds, the end scene of the game. The SCO made a disastrous misplaced pass in the build-up play, Denklingen switched fast as lightning. With a precise low shot from 18 meters Dominik Karg SCO-goalkeeper Niklas Wochnik overcame. After that, the house of lords were in charge, pushed for compensation. But major blunders of Wochnik was responsible for the final decision. The 19-year-old goalkeeper played the Ball directly into the feet of Lukas Greif, who had no trouble to push the Ball over the line.

In the new season must adjust to the audience on a new kick-off time. Instead of, as hitherto, on Sundays at 15 PM, the second representation always plays on Saturdays 18 PM, following the meeting of the land League.

source: Merkur.de


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