Eschenlohe is a serious accident in which three vehicles were involved, it is on Sunday, 28. July, about 12.45 am on the end of the motorway at Eschenlohe come. Six people were injured, two seriously. Apparently, a 19-year-old Mercedes driver from Hessen, which was in the direction of the South of the road and crashed at the end of a traffic jam in a VW, a 66-year-old woman from Bad heilbrunn controlled.

The impact must have been fierce, because the small car was completely demolished. The inmates were trapped and had to be freed by firefighters. By the force of the VW was pushed to a wagon, in which a family of five from Malta sat. The application required a large contingent of rescue workers, including the fire brigades from Eschenlohe, Oberau, and Murnau. The BRK helpers moved out of the district, to provide for the wounded, and to bring to the clinic. The road section was blocked for approximately one and a half hours.

on the A8, there was a devastating accident. A VW Bus overturned, two inmates died.


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