Also on Board cruise ships, can cause problems: in addition to seasickness, storm, or gastro-intestinal diseases it can also happen, that the passengers behave, Act contrary to. But what happens with these guests, anyway?

To the prison cells to see the cruise ship from

On a cruise ship, around 2,000 passengers ride with, not infrequently even more. Here, it is likely that it also comes to criminal acts, which require certain measures.

for this purpose there is, therefore, most of the large cruise ships, a type of prison cells. There are small rooms that are Spartan and isolated. There are passengers to land, which are not on the ship, applicable laws compliant can.

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James Abbgy, who worked according to the Portal Express on a cruise ship of Royal Caribbean, said: “We have had, in fact, a few steel facilities in the vicinity of our security agencies for all the guests or crew members that are deemed to dangerous to be locked in their rooms. If you land in one of them, you will be accompanied almost certainly in the next port from the ship, and the law enforcement authorities of the respective Nation to pass.”

crime on the cruise ship: Which law applies on the high seas?

so Who is of the opinion, on the lake and the cruise ship the law was wrong. But which law applies on Board? It uses the so-called flag law. This is especially true for international waters. This means that there is always the law of the state whose flag the ship is flying – but not in the country, is traversed by the ship.

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