Paloma Faith enjoys kissing hot guys in her music videos. The singer now cited this as the reason why she loved being an artist.

The singer has been happily awarded for several years. Her partner is also often jealous after watching the videos, so Paloma is often in trouble.


Unfortunately, she is not allowed to use the tongue

In relation to the ‘The Sun’ newspaper’s ‘Bizarre’ column, British singer Paloma Faith (30) revealed: “I don’t have dancers that often, but when I do, I find them really hot. And when I shoot videos and such with guys, I always find the man hot. I have the best job there is because I can kiss hot guys. The only problem is that you can’t use a tongue because it will make it intimate. ”

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The ‘Only Love Can Hurt Like This’ musician added: “It’s really great that my partner hates that, but I can then say,’ Honey, that’s my job, you can’t attack me for something that is mine Job is’. And then he always says, ‘But it looked so real,’ and I calm him down by saying, ‘Well, I’m such a great actress, I didn’t feel anything at all.’ ”

Although she’s got nothing against the smooching for her music videos, the ‘Mistakes’ singer is happily dating Leyman, with whom she had her first child in 2016.


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