Pavel Grachev: as a future Minister of defence fought in Afghanistan

Biography 17/03/20 Pavel Grachev: as a future Minister of defence fought in Afghanistan

Pavel Sergeyevich Grachev was a controversial figure, but many of those who knew him well, believe that “Afghan”-hero of the Soviet Union, the last commander of the airborne troops of the USSR, – one of the most outstanding defence Ministers of post-Soviet Russia.

From the Ditches in the Marines

About the early biography of Pavel Grachev to say that this was a man who made his life itself, without external support – country boy from the Tula village Ditches, the son of a milkmaid and a locksmith, he after military service he entered the Ryazan airborne school and graduated from there a gold medalist. Some time after graduation, he served in Lithuania, then for 4 years taught cadets at his Alma mater.
At the age of 30 he enrolled in the Military Academy of the estate of M. V. Frunze, who was also graduated with honors. Then came the Afghan period in the official biography of Navy officer Gracheva, consisting of two stages – Pavel Sergeyevich was sent to Afghanistan twice, and it was for services received during the second assignment in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, he was awarded the highest military award of the USSR – the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

the linchpin to the operation “Magistral”

During the second tour in Afghanistan, major-General P. S. Grachev commanded the 103rd guards airborne division, which in late 1987 – early 1988 participated in one of the largest military operations during its stay in Afghanistan limited contingent of Soviet troops, which had the code name “Highway”. The aim of the operation was to break a decades-long military and economic blockade of the Afghan district Host and the breakdown of the intentions of the Mujahideen’s exclusion of this area from the DRA and device independent Islamic state.
Division of the airborne forces under the able command of Grachev made a significant contribution to the unlocking Host, which was abouttoceno in the view of major-General for high reward. During the Afghan war, Paul S. was repeatedly wounded and injured several times.

Grachev and putsch

On the fate of the P. S. Grachev seriously affected by changes in the country that began in the ‘ 90s. August coup hero of the Soviet Union has already met with the Lieutenant-General and commander UDSSR. In this position he stayed for incomplete 8 months before the collapse of the Soviet Union as a state.
the Orders of the emergency Committee on the introduction of troops in Moscow on 19 August 1991, Grachev obeyed. Critical facilities in the capital was guarded by the paratroopers of the 106th GUD. However, the next day, Paul S. along with several other prominent members of the Soviet generals abandoned the plan of the storming of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, where the entrenched opponents of the coup. Even then, Grachev began a more intimate contact with B. N. Yeltsin, elected President of the RSFSR only 2 months ago and the acknowledged leader of the antagonists of the emergency Committee.
Subsequently, the reluctance of P. S. Grachev to participate actively in an armed coup played a crucial role in his further career promotion in Presidents of the USSR and RSFSR M. S. Gorbachev and B. N. Yeltsin.

Career took off after the collapse of the USSR

On the third day after the August coup, Gorbachev appointed elevated to the rank of Colonel-General Grachev, the first Deputy Minister of defense of the USSR – Pavel Sergeyevich headed the RSFSR state Committee for defense issues. After a few days he was released from the post of commander of the airborne forces.
In the first half of 1992 P. S. Grachev was the first of zamglavnogo OVS the CIS. In may of the same year by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation B. N. Yeltsin, he was appointed by the Minister of defense. As they said in media interviews he Grachev, Yeltsin has repeatedly offered him the post, but Pavel refused, citing lack of experience in this business. However, for the posts of defense Minister Grachev stayed the full 4 years, which, in particular, came and the first Chechen campaign.

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