History 17/03/20 “the secret doctrine” Helena Blavatsky: she taught Hitler

In the 20-ies of the last century into the hands of Hitler – novice politician – was the first book by Theosophist Helena Blavatsky. In the “Secret doctrine”, in particular, accounted for the seven races, the highest of which was considered to be Aryans. At the time, Hitler read books voraciously Blavatsky. So that some historians even tend to attribute to her the creation of the basic principles of the ideology of the Third Reich. However, in 1937, Hitler signed a decree on the persecution of all Theosophical societies, and “the secret doctrine” flew into the fire.

an Inferior race

I Must say that the philosophical doctrine of Helena Blavatsky seized the minds of many, and her contemporaries and ours. Her book she was reading Einstein, in her Theosophical society included famous writers, politicians and scientists, many of whom claimed that their discoveries they made thanks to the writings of Blavatsky. But the most interesting in the theosophy of Blavatsky is, of course, the doctrine of the superpowers, which everyone can develop under certain conditions and striving for clear goals.

having Studied the “Doctrine” that Hitler drew the attention on the doctrine of the Aryans – the ancient master-race on earth that should rule the world. According to Blavatsky, “mankind is divided by God-inspired people and inferior races”, last, “fortunately”, die themselves. Attracted Hitler in the Theosophical theory and the idea of Shambhala, where supposedly stored universal knowledge. Should master them – and you’re powerful superhuman.

everything else, Guido von Liszt, who calls himself a follower of Blavatsky, Hitler read that the Aryans are the ancestors of the Germans and no one else. And if we add to this ariosophy the occult interpretation of the historical past of the German nation, which is based not on historical facts but on “prophetic revelations” Sheet, then get ready platforRMA for the future Fuhrer.

the Crisis in Germany

defeated in the First world war Germany was in deep crisis. For 66 years she had to pay huge reparations to France and Belgium. The Germans begged, Fraulein from good families were forced to sell themselves on the street.

All this has plunged people into despair. Hitler, too, was extremely concerned about the surrender of Germany. In the spiritual revelations of Blavatsky, Nietzsche and other philosophers, he was looking for an answer to the question of how his country out of unethicalness situation and achieve domination over the world. But even ardent patriotism did not help the founder of the Third Reich to understand the national and historical situation of the time.

anti-Semitism, the view of history through the prism of certain secret forces, utopian racial theory – nothing this close and was neither Nietzsche nor Blavatsky. If the first spoke of the Superman, but only in the sense that we must start with ourselves. If Blavatsky talked about the races, not in the framework of anthropological science, but in the sense of spiritual stages.

In principle, nothing new Russian immigrant, was fond of Eastern philosophy, not opened. Her calculations of the “inferior races” are reminiscent of the teachings on the wheel of Samsara in Buddhism, which also refers to the lower realms, There is, for example, there is a world of hungry ghosts that can’t swallow because the throat is too narrow and you always feel painful hunger because of the huge belly. To avoid getting into a race is possible only through renunciation of material and observance of the main rules: tolerance of other beliefs, granting freedom of religious belief and the pursuit of truth – the knowledge of the laws of nature and of human possibilities.

In the Theosophical societies, which were created around the world and enjoyed great popularity, people learned tolerance, compassion, justice and generosity – that, without which, wrote Blavatsky, never appears invisible to the human eye caves of Shambhala stored in them is priceless knowledge of the Universe.

And as if Hitler manipulated the knowledge gleaned from Blavatsky, the intelligentsia could not fail to notice that the ideology of the Third Reich, I do not like theosophy.

Books in the fire

alien ideology Hitler was sorted out quickly: ordered to burn books. 70 German cities from March to October, 1933, the German student Union under the guise of “action against the non-German spirit” gathered and burned “bad” books. The fire was put to Tom Mann, Freud, Remarque, Hemingway, Zoshchenko – total 94 37 German and foreign authors. Writers-contemporaries revered for special honor, when their works were flying, the fire of the reactionaries.

Among the followers of Blavatsky, Hitler seemingly was looking for supporters. He directed a lot of effort to find Shambhala and the mysterious city of Agadi at the site of ancient Babylonia, wrote about the founder of theosophy.

In Tibet and to the East was filled expedition with eminent scientists. However, no report on the results of the expedition were never found. In the SS there was a secret division of the “Heritage of ancestors” where the best minds pored over the runes, translations, history of the Aryans. Berlin and Munich is flooded colony of Tibetans and Hindus.


However, even this has not found support among the participants of the Theosophical societies who openly talked about the perverse interpretation that led to the persecution. Followers of Blavatsky sent to concentration camps, executed, imprisoned. Books of the founder of theosophy was banned as “harmful”.

In the doctrine, which advocated absolute equality, respect for other beliefs and choice of occupation according to their inclinations, was a priori established the taboo on killing, humiliation, exaltation of one people over others.

Any mention of Blavatsky brought Hitler into a rage. His songs had nothing to do with “true humanity” of the race, which Blavatsky wrote.

Angela Bugrova

© Russian Seven

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