Peskov explained the lagging hours of Putin during his address to the Russians


the time on the clock of Vladimir Putin in address to the Russian citizens did not coincide with a broadcast due to technical delays, reported the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

“there was a delay in installation and haul videos,” explained the representative of the Kremlin.

the President made a new appeal to the Russians because of the situation with coronavirus yesterday. Users of social networks noticed that the time on a wristwatch Putin behind the time of broadcast.

the President ordered to continue until the end of April, outside the period and also stated the need to introduce more stringent measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The decree containing the new order of the President already signed.

In Russia at the moment was 3548 cases of coronavirus infection in 76 regions. Discharged on recovery during the day, 45 people, 25 of them in Moscow. Total discharged 235 people.

Under the supervision of doctors in Russia because of a suspected infection with coronavirus is more 215,5 thousands of people.

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