Residents urged not to drink alcohol in the conditions of self-isolation

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the Consumption of alcoholic beverages during the period of isolation for relaxation and lifting the mood can turn into an avid reader, said chief freelance specialist psychiatrist-narcologist of Moscow Department of health Yevgeny Bryun.

“pleasant reaction that causes alcohol intoxication, unnatural and short-lived. People quickly adapted to the tranquilizing effects of ethanol, and to achieve the desired effect day by day it is necessary to increase doses of alcohol and sober state becoming uncomfortable,” – said Brune, the Agency “Moscow”.

He explained that lost the ability to enjoy life without stimulating the because of the reduced mood intensify the irritation and short temper.

Brune noted that the use of alcoholic beverages during the treatment of coronavirus can lead to various complications. According to him, drunk people can’t correctly follow the doctor’s instructions, alcohol changes the effects of all medicines, and the presence in the body of ethyl alcohol and its decomposition products drugs do not work properly.

Earlier, the community members suggested that Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin to impose a restriction on the sale of alcohol in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. The idea is that the citizen for one trip to the store to buy more litres of alcohol stronger than nine degrees. According to the initiative, such a ban should be in force until 1 may.

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