Peskov's daughter bragged to a life of isolation:

the Daughter of the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov told Elizabeth in Instagram as she spends days in isolation ahead of coronavirus quarantine. She doesn’t understand those young people who complain of boredom in connection with restrictions. She “walked” for 22 years now “people home”, but not “shadow of couch potatoes”.

Peskov admitted that the cafe looks really rare, and happens in the movies once every six months. “The city almost never walk” – shared the girl. Quarantined her life has changed, “absolutely.” Lisa knows how and loves to cook. “Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two not a problem for me” – hinted at a close relationship girl.

Lisa’s Job allows her to go to distance format. Online learning proved to be more effective than usual. “Yet I go out of town for a week or two. There will be running and fully engage them”, – shared his plans Peskov. While she is waiting, when you bring a Jogging trail and sports equipment.

in the meantime, during the quarantine Lisa reads a lot – more than in the rest of the time. “Reading the river flows. Began to write,” she wrote. And anyway, everything she usually does, multiplied by two, added the daughter of the press Secretary of the Russian leader.