Erdogan has donated a seven-month salary to combat coronavirus

Photo: AP/Turkish Presidency

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has donated his salary for seven months to fight the spread of the coronavirus in the country, reports “World 24”.

the Official salary of the Turkish leader is 81 250 pounds (about one million rubles) a month.

To date, the number of infected COVID-19 in Turkey exceeds 10.8 thousand people. 168 died. Recovered more than 160 people.

According to who, the world already infected more than 697 thousand people, more than 33 thousand died. In Russia recorded 1836 sick, cured 66 people died 9 people.

on March 29, Sergey Sobyanin imposed restrictions on movement in the capital to prevent large-scale spread of the coronavirus. The apartment will be permitted to leave only for emergency medical help, shopping at the nearest store or pharmacy.

the people of Moscow are allowed to walk the dog, empty the trash or get to work. It is necessary to keep distance with other people in 1.5 meters. The same measures introduced in the suburbs.

Muscovites explained the main aspects concerning the regime of self-isolation

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