New release controversy for the president of the philippines Rodrigo Duterte. The one who had already confessed to have killed several people has caused a new uproar Sunday. He recounted how, as a teenager, he would have inflicted fondling at his home. Of organizations for the defense of the rights of women accused of promoting sexual assault. The controversial president is regularly in scandal when he talks about women. He had made jokes about a rape and was publicly targué of his infidelities.

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Referring to his confession with a priest when he was in high school, Rodrigo Duterte, 73 years of age, recounted how he had entered the bedroom of her home while she slept. “I lifted the cover. (…) I tried to touch what was in the panties, he told in a speech. I was trying to touch, she woke up, then I’m out. “He then claimed to have confessed to the priest that he was back in the room of the home and had attempted to assault her again.

The party Gabriela, which advocates for the rights of women, has requested the president’s resignation, denouncing his remarks as “repulsive” and accusing him of having recognized an attempted rape. “Penetration with the penis is not the only one that is constitutive of rape. If it is a finger or an object, it is also a rape, ” said Joms Salvador, secretary general of Gabriela.

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“An anecdote laughable”

Responding to the criticisms raining down from all sides, the spokesman Rodrigo Duterte said Sunday that the president had “invented” and “spicy” story. “He has invented an anecdote ludicrous to attract the attention on the sexual assaults that he and his comrades suffered in high school,” said Salvador Panelo. Rodrigo Duterte made the remarks while he was trying to castigate the catholic Church on charges of sexual assault on children.

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The president, who did not hesitate to present the Church as “the institution most hypocritical,” while his country is predominantly catholic, has in effect said Saturday that his classmates and him had been victims of sexual assault in confession. Rodrigo Duterte is in open conflict with the catholic hierarchy of his country, which has proved to be very critical against his bloody campaign against drug trafficking. Since Rodrigo Duterte came to power two years ago, the police reported to have killed nearly 5 000 people in counter-narcotics operations. The organisations for the defence of human rights believe that the real toll is three times higher and that the campaign could be a crime against humanity.

Rodrigo Duterte and his counselors have the habit, after each of his statements controversial on women, to relativise them by presenting them as jokes, or saying that they were fired from their context. The president had been heavily criticized in 2016 for a joke on dubious rape and murder of a nun in australian in 1989.

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