Actually, Julia hack top would not have been this evening in Berlin – a weekend with her Friends was planned, but then the invitation came, and the weekly Podcast with Nicola Erdmann live in front of an audience in the Timberland Studio. The private appointment was so professional subordinate and the subject was not found: Work-Life Balance – there is the ever? Can we still separate between work and profession? You must track the cell phone spent time and limit? Or you can handle different, but also useful with this topic? And as the ideal Job looks like, not a lack of Balance despair? Also, the invited guests had questions about that were answered in an open conversation:

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THE REAL WORD is a Podcast where all the really important questions of everyday life and of popular culture will be discussed: What do breast Selfies with feminism? How do you keep the long-term relationship happy? Why print Designer, political sayings on T-Shirts and what we can learn from the TV Bachelor? In short: In THE REAL WORD it’s about love, fashion, everyday life, and policy so listen, please! On the microphone icon’s Digital Editorial Director Nicola Erdmann and Features Editor Julia hack top are, by the way.

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