to Manage the containers of thousands of pounds that come and go without a break of a port like the one of Algeciras is, perhaps, one of the most dangerous professions there is. Seven stevedores and a carrier of this infrastructure in the province of cádiz decided to try out a new meaning of risk to take advantage of their handling of the goods, and introduce significant quantities of cocaine. They were part of a criminal organization, perfectly structured, composed by 21 people, 11 of which have ended up arrested.


The king of cannabis back to its neighborhood between the outrage of police and neighbors, 38, arrested for trafficking and launder the money of drug trafficking in Gibraltar, The last journey of a child of the drug trade

The mafia was coordinating all the transportation of the cocaine, since his departure in Colombia until his custody and subsequent sale to customers, in particular, of the Costa del Sol. It was from one of the links of this complex structure as the agents discovered the parallel activity that developed some of the workers of the Port of Algeciras. In July, the researchers had knowledge that two stevedores entered in one of the restricted areas of goods, broke the seal of a container and picked up three backpacks inside. The bags were filled with 130 pounds of cocaine, which yielded, in turn, to a truck that took the drug of the port area.

This form of proceeding, known as a rip-off or hook-blind, was the usual way of working of the band algecireña. Fletaban travel of colombian cocaine, hidden in bags placed strategically located at the entrance of containers that were used to transport different goods from different ports of south america. In fact, one of the detainees was in charge of coordinating these trips from Colombia, thanks to their contacts with importers in this country.

The mob came back to organize another transport soon after in the other two stevedores repeated the procedure to make the port an additional 30 kilos of cocaine. The evidence that incriminaban to new members of the mafia continued to grow until the agents managed to draw the organizational chart of a band that was perfectly organized to ensure the success of the caches.

in Addition to a coordinator of each one of the charters, the mafia was composed of a getter or recruiter. He was a member of the band who was in charge of selecting those stevedores willing to corrupt in order to participate in a few ports where it was necessary to have guaranteed access to a port area that has restricted access. In the last step of the group were the carriers that were responsible for take the drug and keeping it in a series of child-care facilities, which went out to end customers of Malaga.

To remove the organization, the National Police has set out to practice up to ten records in different locations of the Field of Gibraltar. Thanks to these investigations, agents have managed to prove that the band were able to introduce in Spain for at least 170 kilos of cocaine. Such a volume made it possible to good part of the 21 involved a high level of life that has been accredited with the 150,000 euros in cash have been seized.

in addition To six high-end vehicles and a motorcycle bought with course money of the narco. In total, the organization handled between property and bank accounts, an amount greater than two million euros. After finishing detainees, 11 of the 21 members of the organization have already spent on remand awaiting trial.


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