Rap meets punk rock and just the right tone! And because it was so beautiful, the successful musical duo Post Malone (24) and Travis Barker (44) go into round two!

The “Circles” singer and the drummer of the punk rock band Blink-182 have recently worked together on the charity tribute concert for Nirvana live on the Internet.

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Weekend at Posty’s?

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While Malone was singing, Barker was playing drums and apparently there was a spark between the two thoroughbred musicians! Therefore, they now want to further expand their cooperation. The two are currently writing songs together – really together in the studio!

“What happens just happens!”

The drummer confirmed this in a telephone interview with “SPIN”: “Yes, I’m actually on the bus right now. I’m going to Salt Lake and we’ll write there for a week. Just jam and have fun. ”

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??? ?

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The two met before the tribute concert and rehearsed the set together – but not too often. They only played the 20 songs for the streamed concert twice. “You can’t try Nirvana songs either, otherwise they’ll fall in love with their vibe.”

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Now the two want to find their own vibe with their own songs and see what comes out of it. “The whole atmosphere with him is very relaxed and what happens just happens,” says Barker. (Bang / KuT)


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