Prime Minister of Japan said that the Olympic games 2023 will hold not later than the summer of 2023

Photo: AP Photo/Charly Triballeau/Pool Photo

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that the Olympics must take place no later than the summer of 2023 because of the coronavirus, reports TASS.

however, the head of state stressed that competitions have to be postponed. Abe said that the International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach supported this initiative.

“given the current situation we proposed to consider the possibility to postpone the Game for a year. President Bach 100% supported this idea. We agreed that the Olympics should be held no later than the summer of 2023,” – said Abe.

on 22 March it became known that the IOC plans to resolve the issue within four weeks. At the same time, the organization did not stop training for the Olympics in Tokyo. However, a number of States have already notified the IOC of its withdrawal from participation in the Games, such as Canada and Australia. On the transfer of the Olympics, said the Olympic Committee of the United States.

Pandemic coronavirus suspended or forced to transfer virtually all sporting events in the world. Recently, a decision was made about the cancellation of the world championship on hockey. Tolerate indefinitely the stages of “Formula-1”. One of the four tennis Grand slam tournaments, “Roland Garros” will take place only in the fall.

One of the most discussed decisions related to the Euro 2023. The European football championship was moved to 2023.

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