The Court of Instruction number 6 of Almeria has decreed the admission in provisional detention, communicated, and without bail for a crime of murder to M. N. A., the 50 year old man arrested for the death of your former spouse, M. D. N. N., 39, with the which had in common a girl of two years and four months.

Sources of the Court Superior of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA) have informed Efe that the detainee has been placed at the disposal of the court of the guard because there were already some proceedings instituted in a magistrate’s court normal, in this case the number 2 to appear in the corpse, because then it knew that it could be a case of gender-based violence.


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This Wednesday was of guard number 6, who is going to withdraw in favour of Statement 2, because of errands that had already been previously opened.

M. N. A. could have killed the woman after getting out of prison earlier this year after serving a sentence for armed robbery, according to have been transferred to judicial sources, indicating that both would have been known in the jail. The corpse of the victim appeared on the 15th of July in a house of the street of Caesar of the capital of almeria, after an administrator of estates alertase the 091 that the same came from a “strong stench”.

The apartment was completely empty, but in one of the rooms and put it under a mattress leaning on the wall, was the corpse wrapped in a blanket of a person who in appearance was a woman in an advanced state of decomposition.

The Police has confirmed that the couple had an extensive criminal record, mainly for petty thefts, because, according to have been transferred to sources close to the case suffering from an addiction to drugs, being a more serious man, including the armed robbery for which he entered prison in 2011.

they Also determined that both had maintained a relationship and had a child in common, by collecting testimonies of people who had observed M. N. A., a native of Almeria, access to the home after the death of her. Ten days ago, the police station of Almeria received the report of the result of such human remains, on the part of the Anatomical Institute of Forensics and Legal Madrid, which concluded that the death had been a result of several stab wounds in vital areas. With all the evidence, the National Police proceeded to the last day, October 28, to the location and arrest of the suspected material author of the crime.

M. a. N. N. has been already included in the record of violence of gender as the victim 50 this year in Spain and 12 from Andalusia, the scene of one of every four murders. In the morning of today, Thursday, has been arrested a man for the death in Parla (Madrid) of his partner last may.


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