Weapons 17/03/20 PSM: “ladies gun” to the Soviet generals

the compact self-loading Pistol – the abbreviation stands for PSM. This miniature weapon will soon celebrate the fiftieth anniversary – on the arms of the command structure of army, MVD and KGB gun came in the 70-ies of XX century.

For the sample taken sporting arms

a Group of Soviet weapons designer (Anatoly Samarin, Lev Kulikov), headed by Tikhon Glasnevin worked to create a PSM from 1969 to 1974. As he wrote in his book “the History of Soviet small arms and ammunition”, doctor of historical Sciences, the famous historian of the Soviet small arms David Bolotin, the basis for some parts of compact self-loading pistol was taken from a sports SS, which to fire at targets bystroischezayuschim first developed, the same three constructors.

As he recalled one of the founders of PSM Anatoly Samarin, the hardest thing was to achieve so tiny and weighing little thin (as the face of a matchbox) of the gun, so that he still had a high fighting qualities and performance characteristics, were reliable, especially in the mud, frost and other adverse conditions. Samarin wrote that the collective thought process of gunsmiths would allow this to be carried out and samples of PSM in the end the first time passed all state and military tests, and that doesn’t happen often, and therefore surprised the experts.

What is it good

Speaking about the high combat and operational qualities of PSM, David Bolotin notes the high accuracy of the battle pistol, it is hard to miss, being at close distance from the target, the PSM can be easily assembled and disassembled, easy to handle. His melee can be quickly removed and immediately open fire, which is important when performing spetszadach. The author of the arms Handbook Alexander Blagovestov adds that malihabadinice gun easy to carry in a pocket, it does not interfere and does not attract attention. The cartridge 5 mm 45х18 one and a half times the muzzle energy brunngasse cartridge caliber 6.35 mm, in the same envelope. Cartridge PSM 45 punches-layer Kevlar vest, which, according to the American gunsmith Charlie Catshow, the Russian “baby” in the West, was nicknamed “the weapon for assassination.”

PSM – weapon self-cocking, so it is always ready to surprise its application. A special device allows the device to produce a random shot, the gun fits comfortably in the hand, he has a minor impact and soft down, which contribute to the accuracy and shooting accuracy. PSM simply equip it, it can be equipped with a silencer.

the Disadvantages of baby

according to the expert of arms Alexander Blagovestov, the bullets PSM’s pretty low impact (unless they hit vital organs) – it happened that after contact with the enemy that still continued to fire, even after being stitched through. The gun may be difficult to remove from the fuse without cocking the trigger, the shooter at risk to break a nail or scratch your finger. A small-caliber pistol cartridges, centre fire (MPTS), which are calculated on PSM, a relatively rare weapon.

Who served then and now

Charlie Catshow in his work “Small arms of Russia. The new model,” writes that PSMA armed with the Supreme staff of the Soviet army, who for the defense just such small pistols are required. Soon the compactness and high penetrating ability of a self-loading pistol has earned the respect of the security officers and the higher ranks of the police and then criminals. In the late 90s this gun was in service from the employees of the bailiff service. Katso argues that the Soviet Union PSM had a real party functionaries who could afford it in its position. In the West about “the baby” of the local arms dealers on earthalready after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Today, in the CIS countries PSM widely used as an award weapon – it is presented in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Ukraine. Often reward people who do not have to power structures irrelevant. For example, according to the Hromadske TV (Gromadska Telebachennya), PSM with 8 rounds “for outstanding merits in strengthening the defense of Ukraine, exemplary performance of duty and for their honour and valour” for speculato Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak presented the presenter Yana Konotop to her own birthday. Konotop is a part-time wife Ukrainian Minister of information policy Yurii Stets.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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