Published video of the incident with the armored vehicles of the armed forces of Russia and the USA in Syria


In a Network there was video of the incident between the Russian and American military who moved armoured vehicles into Syria February 19, informs “Evening Moscow”.

the Incident occurred in the town of Qamishli in the North-East of the country. Recorded live passenger of the car, catch up with a convoy of cars with Russian flags. Among them, the APC and the armored car “Tiger”.

the footage “Tiger” tries to overtake an armored car with a flag of the United States, but he blocks the passage, and then makes the Russian armored car to pull over. After that, both cars stop.

In the U.S. Central command (CENTCOM), as well as in the defense Ministry, the incident has not commented.

In early December, the defense Ministry reported that three Russian military policemen received minor injuries and bruises when an improvised device near the armored car in the North-East of Syria. This occurred during reconnaissance of the route for a joint Russian-Turkish patrol near the settlement of the Qur’an (near Kobani, Aleppo province).

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