In France it is customary that wine – especially the red drop with a cork to be closed. In new Zealand there are hardly any wines that are corked. The law makes it modern with a screw-on closure is supplied. This is handy, especially if the wine is not drunk in one evening.

Then there is the plastic cork, which is frequently seen in lower-priced wines. For example, wines from the discounters. But it makes actually a difference in how a wine is closed, or is this complete nonsense? We asked the sommelier Stephanie Döring, tend in the direction of what closure you personally and what it’s about anyway.

The the expert sommelier, Stephanie Döring, Without technical terms says: This woman will teach you what you about wine Snieguole Wachter

need to know By Denise “It definitely makes a difference in how a wine is sealed. Plastic corks, for example, are completely unacceptable. They give off no taste, but the Material is anything but sustainable. It is simply a question of price,” says Döring.

“the natural cork, pressed Cork are, in my view, much better. Best of the screw-cap I personally like but. Bottles fitted with a natural cork, the mountains always the risk that you will make the wine broken. This is a shame, if you have especially expensive drops, the taste corked. The screw cap has only been around for a good 20 years. They don’t know yet, such as a screw-in wine stores, in comparison to a verkorkten bottle and, therefore, also Matures. In Burgundy, there is a winery that over the next 20 years wines stored once with a Cork and once with the wrench closed. This is being investigated. Realistic – so, what acts and what is better in the end – you can say the will probably be the first in the next 40 years.

The cork raises, of course, too much nostalgia: If you open it and the characteristic ‘Plop’ sound. I don’t know if I would make the most expensive wines in the world wrench on it. It simply has less elegance.”

This variant of the wine closure, there is still

A further variant of the glass stoppers that are more reminiscent of caps for whisky decanters are. The big difference: The plug is provided with a plastic ring, so that no oxygen gets into the bottle. You have to put on a Coating of plastic, so that the stopper is firmly in place. This is, however, easy to remove. To Open it you need now just a slight thumb pressure, a corkscrew is not needed. The stock duration is, however, tested hardly.

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