I am the one, Like I love you, Say what you want… and what that tells the public of Raphael, a big romantic ballad in Spanish, is always good. After six decades in the scenarios, since that in spite of all that recorded with only 16 years, the singer Linares continues to gain adepts, without barriers of age, and putting more awards on their shelves. Rafael Martos Sánchez joined yesterday, to his 76 years, another award to its already large list, the Musical Career, in the fifth edition of the Awards Radiolé, in a gala that was held this Thursday in Seville.


Raphael: “A great evening is always improvised” Radiolé rewards to Maria Jimenez and Remedios Amaya and pays tribute to Rocío Jurado

And thanked the prize in singing, with his Thanks to the life, in one of the moments warmer the ceremony, which was held this evening in Fibes, in the theatre of the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses of Seville, with about 3,500 people, eager to applaud, something that made standing and palmas for bulerías, the interpreter, the actor and entrepreneur who, above all, can give thanks to life for having given a voice portentous.

The announcer Radiolé Joaquin Hurtado, conductor of the gala, was awarded to Raphael street, and with a red carpet, time the public was able to see through a screen and presented as the “most modern” of the artists. “Perhaps because I am very curious and I am always surrounded by young people,” clarified the singer, who, already in the hall, he dedicated the recognition especially to your audience. “Thanks to all of you that have made my career and to keep it current,” he said.

The winners in the 5th edition of the gala Radiolé, Thursday night in Seville. Curro Cassillas

The gala event, with more performances in addition to the 10 award-winning —are 12, but two of them have been given posthumously— but in which each artist has interpreted a single topic has offered for two and a half hours for a ride by the Spanish music most loved by the public. From the flamenco singer Estrella Morente, who has expressed Loneliness and has made doublet with the award because he picked up his award and the Temple and Purity that has received of his father, the flamenco singer Enrique Morente posthumously; to Dyango, who in his 79 years old and although he made a farewell tour in 2017 is still singing their timeless melodies and thrilling to the public. With Dyango, the veteran of the award-winning, shared a stage band broke up, the trio that in 2018 resurfaced after 14 years of silence, Kiko Veneno, Medina Azahara, Camela, Diana Navarro, María Toledo and The Outburst, one of the most applauded of the evening.

“Radiolé continues to evolve without losing their identity and rewards the greatest artists of our root music, we hung once more the poster sold out and we have counted with a cast enviable,” commented Miguel Angel Corral, director of Radiolé, a station in the group HURRY which he has served 28 years and that, according to the latest report of the General Study of Media (EGM) has some 484,000 listeners. As in previous editions, Corral recalled that part of the proceeds of the gala will go to the NGO Manos Unidas Seville.

The award-Tribute to Manolo Escobar, who died in 2013, picked up her daughter Vanessa Garcia who, very excited, remembered the joy that had and knew how to transmit his father. “He always told me proudly: ‘I will Not be the one who sings best, but I know that I am the more they want”.

The show began with a tribute to Camilo Sesto, who passed away on September 8, with its theme of Living well is to die of love, performed by the flamenco singer Rosario La Tremendita electric guitar in hand. For the scenario of Fibes paraded also artists who were not in the winners of this fifth edition as Sonia Priego The Hungarian, who this year has released their 16th album, I’ll wait; or utrera Demarco Flamenco, who with his experiment, The island of love, the fusion of flamenco with rhythms electrolatinos, has added more than 100 million views on Youtube. In addition to the sevillian María Artés with their songs of love as The romantics, have acted Rosa López, the first great revelation of the program operación Triunfo, and its the same batch has been the trianero Manu Tenorio. The long list of performances include, among others, Kiko and Shara, the duo from cadiz, of the brothers Gaviño, and another duo, also of Cadiz, The Train of Dreams.


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