Rafa Mayoral (Madrid, 1974) speaks from Pontevedra, where he came to support Angela Rodriguez, the candidate of United we Can, immersed in a judicial process for participating in a protest in favour of the continuity of the Alcoa plant in la Coruña.

Question. Are the rights of the workers in the first line of interest in the election campaigns?

Response. We fight for it as well. The backpack austrian is in the electoral programmes of all parties, minus the us, because until the socialist party has recognized that it is by the work. It is a process of capitalization of social security and a danger to the pensions of this country.

Q. are United we Can is no longer useful for what it was was founded, as says Carolina Bescansa?


Carolina Bescansa: “Echo is much less than the We that we” The deputy socialist younger: “My family wouldn’t let me talk politics outside the home” Aitor Esteban: “What I Am obligated to give the hand to this people Vox? It’s not. Are fascism” Laura Borràs: “That we may be peaceful, all that we are!, it does not mean that we are going to endure this abuse,”

A. Yes serves. It is a useful tool for the working people, for the self-employed to smes against mncs. We are the tip of the spear in the institutions in the defense of the popular classes. The only autonomous economic power, the only ones that don’t owe anything to anyone, the only ones who can say to the elites of this country have to begin to fulfill the law and pay taxes.

Q. After these elections, if it gives the result, will they have to swallow the toads need for coalition?

A. this is Not to swallow toads, but quite the opposite. What we can say is: what can we agree? Because I agree I see the PP, PSOE, Citizens and Vox with the capitalization of the social security, for example.

Q. Who has decided that repeat elections?

A. Ana Patricia Botín [chairman of the Santander Bank], the president of the CEOE, the chairman of the Circle of Businessmen and other sectors of economic power that have been operating for months in order that United We may not get to the Government.

Q. why do you know?

A. The phrase most evident was that of “you are disturbing the CEOE” [the phrase was leaked to the media by a source of United we Can atribuyéndosela the PSOE to deny them the Ministry of Labour; the PSOE denies that such pressures exist]. But look: yes, we are disturbing the CEOE because we want to repeal a labour reform that strangles the working people of this country. We are disturbing the oligopoly power because we want to build a company that ensures access to energy. And, if we reverse privatizations, the big corporations that are profiting from the privatization of public services are annoying with that we come to the Government. Since this party was born has been the same. We have been subject to attacks of the economic power that have been fed into the sewers all this time.

Q. why do you think that Sanchez will regret in 2016 for not having come close to you and in 2019 imaginarles in certain ministries to remove him from sleep?

A. Because it is not casual that on the 24th day of September, the first meeting that you have after calling new elections, is with the funds vultures in New York to tell them to be quiet because it’s not going to touch their interests.

Q. what Then are closed all the doors?

A. What I see is that, with the excuse of Catalonia, Pedro Sanchez is opening the door to an agreement with PP and Citizens. Cuts in labour rights, in social rights and in the matter of freedoms. Involution. To avoid this, we have to overcome in the elections, and have the ability to influence.

Q. Defend the character plurinational State, and in their rallies, we see a lot of flags, but it’s hard to see the Spanish.

A. Well, in some yes, there is. What happens is that there are several Spanish flags. There are two-colors and there are three. But above all there is a background question: there are those who read the articles of the Constitution, leaving them to average. How many nations are there in Spain? The Constitution says that it is a multi-national reality, and plurirregional, and guarantees the self-government. If the covenant constitutional is breaking it is for those who pose a vision uninacional of Spain.

Q. With time and experience, have reformulated the concept of caste?

A. No. The reality has been changing. Mostly because we’ve been realizing something: the old oligarchy wealth, from the economic crisis, it has been transformed. And has become manager of the large interests of international funds. It is necessary to put them in the spotlight

Q. what Most Country is the younger brother and wayward of United we Can, or is it Cain?

A. neither one thing Nor another. It is an option that is there.


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