It couldn’t get any better for the DSDS winner Ramon Roselly. After he won after the casting show with his single “Eine Nacht”, the singer was already seen in various Schlager programs with an overwhelming voice. So also last night – but there was still a very special surprise waiting for him!

Ramon Roselly: Goldene Schallplatte für Debüt-Album "Herzenssache"

Photo: ARD / JürgensTV / Dominik Beckmann,


Gold after only eight weeks

At yesterday’s “Schlagerlovestory 2024” with Florian Silbereisen on ARD, Roselly performed as usual, charming and with that certain something. And presented his No. 1 hit. And after this performance, the singer received his first golden award for the album “Herzenssache” – after only eight weeks of musical presence!

Obviously he could hardly believe his luck, seemed completely surprised and very touched. Over 5 million viewers saw that.

Ramon Roselly: Goldene Schallplatte für Debüt-Album "Herzenssache"

Photo: Ramon Roselly

The 26-year-old ex-Ziekus artist proudly presented his gold plate on his Instagram account and wrote: “Gold for a matter of the heart …… I can only thank you all infinitely! It is an amazing feeling what happens to me! @dsds @dieterbohlen @ julietteschoppmann1 “.

By the way, an artist achieves gold in Germany when an album has sold 100,000 copies. Congratulations Ramon, thanks to your fans it was really fast !!!

Star casserole

In the Eurovision show, which took place as a live broadcast without an audience, Florian Silbereisen presented stars with palpitations and hits to sing along to! Andrea Berg, Roland Kaiser, Howard Carpendale, Ben Zucker and his sister Sarah, DJ Ötzi, Giovanni Zarrella, Daniela Katzenberger and Lucas Cordalis, Marianne Rosenberg, Semino Rossi, Thomas Anders, Ramon Roselly and many, many others were there. And it was more romantic than ever: Stefan Mross and partner Anna-Carina Woitschack said yes in front of the camera.


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