DDS winner 2024 Ramon Roselly was a guest on the show “Riverboat” alongside Florian Silbereisen on Friday evening, his first appearance on a talk show. There he expressed his plans, an appearance with Helene Fischer and the red underpants by Silbereisen.

Roselly, who comes from the seventh generation of an artist family, said about his professional plans: “I am a spontaneous person. I live in the here and now. I just let myself be surprised what is coming and have fun with everything that has happened so far. And of course I hope it will go on like this. I’m just making the best of it. ”Florian Silbereisen was full of praise, adding:“ He has as much talent as hardly any young newcomer has had in recent years. ”

Ramon Roselly sagt "Ja" zu Helene Fischer Schimmelpfennig


The usual question about a duet with pop singer Helene Fischer was asked by moderator Kim Fisher. Ramon Roselly said diplomatically: “Many have asked me that. Of course, so of course I say yes if it were so. But of course there are many artists I could stand next to and sing with, where I would just feel privileged. ”

The thing with the red silver iron underpants

The 26-year-old also commented again on the matter with the red underpants by Florian Silbereisen. “The situation was strange to me at first. (…) “Silbereisen had brought a red“ Glücksunterhose ”with him in the second live show from DSDS.

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“At first I was a little squeamish. I thought what are you doing now Do you pick up your underpants now? You can’t do both: pick up the men’s underpants, but you can’t leave them there either. It is not possible, so: come here, then you take it now. And when I had it and was away from the stage, I thought: ‘Florian Silbereisen, hit god, really threw me red underpants on the stage.’ Not everyone can say that. ”

The thing has now found a worthy place in Ramon’s caravan: “I hung the red underpants on the closet directly above my DSDS trophy, which I was allowed to take with me. And I even have it with me. I have it up in the room. ”

Ramon Roselly sagt "Ja" zu Helene Fischer Schimmelpfennig

Never heard a Silbereisen song

Silbereisen added: “It is very old and so small and if I have to wash it myself, it will all work. It doesn’t fit. The red underpants shouldn’t be a fan gift either, he just didn’t know my story, that this really has been my lucky charm over the years and has accompanied me to this day. And I wanted to give him the one, not the one I always wear there, but to give me another pair of underpants so that they should accompany him a little way. “Ramon replied:” Now she has brought me here and has a look where she is still take me there. ”

By the way: Ramon revealed about his sponsor Florian Silbereisen in the talk show: “I have never heard a song by Florian Silbereisen. I don’t know why. ”(Laughs).


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