Common "Father's Day Drinking"

Comedian Oliver Pocher (42) and pop singer Michael Wendler (47, "Egal") have largely buried the hatchet after their Instagram feud. They have now proven this again in the show "Pocher – dangerously honest!" And met for a special campaign: The two fathers agreed to do traditional "Father's Day booze".

In the new episode of Pocher’s show, which airs on RTL on Father’s Day (May 21st) at 11 p.m., the aforementioned meeting can be seen in a one-player play. A first excerpt, which Oliver Pocher published on Instagram , shows who was the most harmed by the happy get-together. Oliver Pocher, who has actually not been drinking alcohol for years, has to throw up schnapps after countless glasses. The clip shows how the comedian's stomach empties. He commented: "This is what my alcohol experience looked like after my father's day in a wagon with Michael Wendler!"



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