Receiving unemployment benefits Muscovites will recalculate

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Residents of the capital, receiving unemployment benefits, will make the allocation of funds. This is due to the fact that the maximum amount of such payments was increased from 8 to 12 thousand rubles, reports the portal

it is Noted that in April all the citizens in this category will pay benefits subject to change.

“Recipients of benefits whose allowance was limited to a maximum value will be recalculated to reflect the new statutory maximum”, – stated in the message.

the labor Department said that unemployment benefits are payable to citizens who are officially considered unemployed in employment services.

Earlier it was reported that a day for payments for unemployed had more than 10 thousand people.

25 March, Vladimir Putin made a proposal to increase unemployment benefits to 12 thousand rubles. The President pointed out that currently, the maximum unemployment reaches 8 thousand rubles a month.

In turn, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin ordered to unemployed Muscovites paid regional compensation size 19.5 thousand rubles. The mayor noted that because of the situation, many citizens remain without work.

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