“The rush is very, very high”

A visit to the hairdressing salon has finally been possible again since the beginning of the week. However, washing, blow-drying, cutting and dyeing take place under strict hygiene requirements. “Both customers and employees first have to get used to these new rules,” says star hairdresser Udo Walz (75). Nevertheless, the rush in his salon is enormous, as he revealed when asked by the news agency spot on news.

“The next four to five weeks are already well booked. Here, too, we have isolated obstacles with customers who do not want to wait that long. But the problem can be solved with good communication, ”says the hair specialist. There is now a waiting list “if a customer cancels at short notice”.

A visit without an appointment is currently not possible. Many customers still have to explain the new requirements. “Even entering the salon individually and waiting outside the door is still a challenge for many customers. But in time that will also become clear to everyone, ”Walz is certain. Consulting with a face mask is particularly “confusing”. “The advice is now given via the mirror instead of face to face. A new experience for everyone. ”

While numerous hairdressers require a special payment due to additional measures with disinfection, mask and gloves, Walz waives “for the benefit of our customers”. “But for the extra time it takes to shampoo the hair before dyeing, we have to charge a small fee.”

Newspapers, magazines and magazines are no longer permitted in the salon due to the new regulations. “Drinks and additional tastings with biscuits or chocolates are also not possible,” explains Walz. However, every customer can bring their own drink. Instead of reading magazines, the stylist is currently talking to his customers. “People talk about the new rules and changes in the salon.”

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