The rotation pact-based Albert Rivera for these general elections is total. The leader of Citizens has passed to defend for seven months a not a stone to the investiture of Pedro Sanchez to be willing now even to make a pact with the PSOE the general Budgets from the opposition. Rivera, who the polls predict a signicant drop in seats 10-N, has defended this Wednesday, in an interview in the COPE that both Citizens and the PP should develop an “opposition State” the Executive of the PSOE and agree on the public accounts with Sanchez, in the event that the right doesn’t add up to rule. That is to say, a sort of grand coalition among the three parties –Cs, PSOE and PP – without sharing the same Government, but that would allow the socialist leader to take forward not only the investiture, but also the legislature.

Rivera is presented to the elections of Sunday, with the preference for a coalition Government with the PP. The candidate of Citizens has been committed to being an Executive with Paul Married in a month if the right sum 10-N. That includes Vox, with whom Rivera account for that majority, but do not want to be the party of the extreme right between in the eventual Government set. But now, the leader of Cs is willing also to make a pact with the PSOE from the opposition to avoid a third election, and “that don’t make the most with We and the nationalists,” he explained this morning in the COPE.

After the April elections, Rivera endured stoic seven months in the not any agreement with the PSOE, even though that position caused the greatest internal crisis in the party since its national expansion, with the resignation of three members of the dome and the floor of militancy, one of the co-founders, Francesc de Carreras, who blamed her for not avoiding that Sanchez remain in the hands of the pro-independence catalans.

At the beginning of October, Rivera was surprised with a strategic rebalancing and the announcement of lifting the veto on the PSOE to go back to the polls. Today has deepened in this thesis, and has slipped that he would abstain in the investiture of Sanchez, and that Citizens could be his support for the Budgets. “If the spaniards did not choose me to me or to the lord, Married or two for a coalition Government, we cannot take this country to third or fourth elections,” he reasoned.


Rivera attacks the two-party system with its tone more moderate, Rivera, before the acid test of his leadership The program of Cs: neo-Liberalism and hardline in Catalonia

In his proposal of governance, is willing to “Budgets to make them Citizens and the PP with the PSOE,” he said, with the goal that the two parties can “moderate” socialists, as well as that the three parties agree to a “covenant of the State to defend the Constitution in Catalonia”. In the Catalan question, however, there is no consensus among the three parties called constitutionalists. Citizens claim the immediate application of article 155 in Catalonia to impeach the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, something that they do not share neither the PSOE nor the PP.

“What it seems to me sensible, if we can not govern? To be in the opposition, and that the Budgets don’t do it, we Can, make them Citizens and the PP with the PSOE, on the issue of Catalonia and of the unity of Spain have a pact of State to defend the Constitution and that economic issues in europe, the main issues of the country, passing by an agreement the Government and the opposition and did not pass by an agreement with the populists and separatists”, has been argued to be the candidate of Cs.

Rivera has asked the support, however, to avoid that Sanchez rule and has called on voters to socialists who choose to “moderation” by voting for his party and “not choosing to give the votes to Pedro Sánchez to make with the separatists.”


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