Roman Alexander III and other mysteries biographies of Lenin's mother

History 10/03/20 novel of Alexander III and other mysteries biographies of Lenin’s mother

In the Soviet era the name of Maria Alexandrovna Ulyanova was uttered with reverence – after all, it was the mother of Lenin, the woman who raised the leader of the proletariat! But came other times, and the press began to appear the dirt on many of the Communist idols. Not spared and Ulyanov.

the mother of the revolutionary

Maria Alexandrovna Ulyanova, nee bore the name of the Form. She was born March 6, 1835, the family doctor-physiotherapist, court counselor Alexander Dmitrievich Blank.
Childhood and youth she spent in the village Kokushkino Kazan province. In 1861 she visited Penza sister met a friend of her husband – a teacher of mathematics in Penza noble institution of Ilya Nikolaevich Ulyanov. She at that time was 26 years old, Ulyanov – 30. Two years later they married.
Later the family moved to Simbirsk, where Ilya served as inspector and then as Director of the County schools. He died in 1886, leaving his wife with six children.
Soon the family was struck another cruel blow. The eldest son Alexander, the student of physics and mathematics faculty of St. Petersburg University, joined the people and was accused as a member of the conspiracy, a plot to assassinate the king. The young man was sentenced to be hanged.
Maria supported the choice of their surviving children – all of them, like Alexander, became revolutionaries. However, until the revolution she never lived – died on 25 Jul 1916.

Daughter of a Jew?

Carefully hiding the fact from the biography of the leader began his Jewish roots. In the post-Soviet times surfaced archival documents that Lenin’s grandfather on his mother’s side was a Jew, baptized in Orthodoxy. At birth his name was Israel Moyshevich. His son Abel and Israel in baptism received the names Dmitri and Alexander. Last and became the father of Maria Blank.

In the middle of 1920-ies researcher Yulian oksman, studying the genealogy of a chief, found in the archives of the Lenin library a petition of one of the Jewish communities of Minsk province early nineteenth century to the exemption from taxes of a certain boy by the name of the Form, as he is “the illegitimate son of a major Minsk official”.
Some staff of the Leningrad regional archives and the archive in Zhitomir was fired in 1965 after the discovery of a number of documents concerning the origin of Alexander Dmitrievich Blank. Copies of papers were seized and writer, Marietta Shaginyan, who managed to visit the Zhitomir archive, working on his “Leniniana”. For the first time these documents were published in new York in 1991.

the son against the father?

the Most common “mythological” version associated with the name of Maria Alexandrovna, was attributed to her novel by the Russian Emperor Alexander III.
the Story was so. They say that young Maria Blank served as a lady-in-waiting at the Imperial court. On the pretty girl drew the attention of Grand Duke Alexander Alexandrovich, and she reciprocated. From this affair was born the eldest son of Mary, who was given the name Alexander in honor of his father.
When the son of Alexander rose, Mary revealed to him the secret of his origin, and he is so greatly offended by his own father because he did not recognize him, that he decided to kill the king!
meanwhile, from 1712, in Russia were lists of all the ladies of the Imperial court, and no Maria Blank in them does not appear. And how could become a Palace maid, the doctor’s daughter, who was, though a wealthy man, but did not have a noble origin? Yes, and Jew? We know that Mary, the Form really was born in St. Petersburg. But the Blank family left it in 1841, when she was only six years old. At this age, she could not have an affair with someone else. Moreover, Alexander III was ten years younger than her, and appeared only in 1845 thdo!
Next – oldest child in the Ulyanov family was not Alexander, and Anna! She was born in 1864, while brother Sasha is only in 1866. And at this time the Ulyanovs were very far from St. Petersburg.
There is another “attractive” version: that Alexander was actually the son of the terrorist Dmitry Karakozov, famous for the unsuccessful attempt on Alexander II in 1866. However, there is no evidence that Maria Ulyanova and Karakozov ever met. Likely this myth arose only because Alexander Ulyanov was also accused of attempted regicide and executed.

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