What Hitler wanted to do in Siberia

History 10/03/20 What Hitler wanted to do in Siberia

the Leadership of Nazi Germany began to plan the organization of life in the occupied territories even before the attack on the USSR. In addition to the fate of the European part of the country the Germans were discussing the fate of its Eastern regions – the Urals and Siberia.

to Undermine Russian power

the Intentions of Germany against the Soviet Union was described in the General plan “OST”. The concept was developed under the auspices of Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler and was based on the racial doctrine of the Nazis.

the Plan was divided into two parts. There was a so-called middle plan for already occupied territories, and the far – for those that had yet to occupy. The middle plan, the Nazis began to execute immediately after the start of the war against the Soviet Union. So, in the summer of 1941 to organize the management of captured lands was created the Ostland (the Baltic States) and Ukraine.

long-range plan was developed by the Nazis is much worse. For the most part it lacked specifics, was reflected only General aspects of the fate of the occupied lands. A significant place in it was given to Siberia, which was perceived by Hitler and his entourage as one of the foundations of Russian power.

Despite this, the German leadership was not able to come to a consensus about this vast and rich territory. The Germans had to take into account the appetites of the Union of Japan, which was considered the Siberia and the far East as his future occupation zone.

In early 1942, in the Imperial Ministry of arms of Germany, Hitler proposed to capture all the main industrial regions of Siberia. In this case, the border with Japan would be carried out on the Yenisei, then through the Sayan ridge and then along the Soviet border with Tuva.

had his own ideas about Siberia and the leadership of the German naval forces (Kriegsmarine). High-ranking officers of the Navy Hoteli to use the Taimyr Peninsula as a base for submarines.


One of the main industrial centers of the USSR was of interest to Germans from the industrial point of view. In the East the Ministry of Nazi Germany understood that for the development of the industrial capacity of the region will require a significant amount of labor and the highly skilled engineering staff. So the Nazis were planning to bring to the Urals technicians from conquered and dependent European countries – Belgium, Hungary and others.

a Separate Reichskommissariat in the Urals, the Nazis to establish a not going to. However, it was understood that some areas of the region will be part of the Reichskommissariat Turkestan. Consisting for the most part from Central Asia, he had to include Bashkiria and the southern Ural mountains.

In the struggle against the Soviet Union, the Nazis tried to use the national leverage. So, trying to set the non-Russian peoples of the Volga region and the Urals against the Soviets, the Nazis spread rumors about the creation of Idel-Ural of the independent Republic. Moreover, from prisoners of Tatars and Bashkirs were formed Legion “Idel-Ural” a total population of about 40 thousand people.

However, no concrete promises on the basis of the Idel-Ural Republic, the Germans were not given. While Hitler himself was strongly against any state non-German formations on the territory of the USSR.

the reservation for the non-Aryans

the General plan “OST” provided for the involuntary resettlement of the Ural mountains millions of non-Aryans. In Siberia the Germans intended to send 78-85 percent of the population of Poland and the European part of the USSR (including 65 percent of the population of Western Ukraine).

German theorists, especially the Reich Minister of the Eastern territories Alfred Rosenberg, would undermine “the biological power” of the Slavs by organizing hunger and deprivation deported to Siberia Russians, Ukrainians and representatives of other peoples of normal medical care.

the reservation was not would high schools. The Germans considered sufficient to provide public school of four classes, which teaches simple account and ability to sign. Conquered peoples would be taught the idea of obedience to the Germans as the highest of the nation.

One of the drafters of the General plan “OST” Erhard Wetzel offered to destroy the unity of the Russian people through the creation of special peoples – Siberians. In his opinion, the indigenous people of Siberia had to feel themselves a separate ethnic group with their own culture.

Ivan Proshkin

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