Weapons 10/03/20 Russian “an elephant gun”: how to shoot the most dangerous gun in the world

Tula masters have long been famous for its samovars, gingerbread and guns. One of the most interesting representatives of this family was a revolver RSH-12.

the RSH-12 (assault gun), known for their fighting qualities “Konobe”, traces its history from the beginning of 2000-ies, when the branch of the Tula Design Bureau of instrument. academician A. G. shipunova (PBC) – Central design and research Bureau of sporting and hunting weapons – has developed a large-caliber revolver, firing rounds of 12.7 mm.

Information about the most powerful revolver in the world is very small. Known for its basic fighting characteristics, and you can’t walk two or three pictures of him. Details about “Konobe” are secret, but, according to some reports, he has entered the service of special forces of several agencies.


the gun Looks solid. Massive and somewhat futuristic design, angular drum and an impressive barrel evoke associations with the weapons of science fiction movies.

Weapons made by the classical scheme of gun – metal frame with hinged left drum with the capacity of five rounds. How to replace drum – we can only guess. Experts believe that quick drum leans back and replaced with a new one that provides a high speed reload, or charge magazines, like revolver “Blow” produced by the same PBC. On this hint, the groove in the casing, which includes the axis of the drum. Another version of the classic replacement of the cartridges one at a time, but this option is questionable, since the recharge rate in terms of assault operations plays a significant role.

Given that the revolver is equipped with a fairly powerful cartridges, it has a reinforced barrel shroud, equipped with holes for ventilation. The barrel itself whensposable to install a laser designator, optical sight, flashlight and other additional equipment.

Design of a revolving type were chosen at random. Drum system almost guarantees no misfires: the hammer just hits the next cartridge and the shot is still happening. Moreover, there is no skew the cartridge in the drum than sin classic pistols with the paddle. But the misfire during the RAID can be very expensive.

Judging from the available photos, the revolver can be equipped with a butt stock mounted on the handle, and detachable under-barrel grip, making the gun into a small shotgun.


Loaded with ammo for the heavy rifle gun had the potential to become indispensable for special forces when conducting operations in urban environments. “An elephant gun” can give a hundred points ahead of even the famous American revolver, firing bullets “.357 Magnum” and is known for its fire power.

the RSH-12 is armed with five types of cartridges: the “urban” PS-12A; PD-12, having two bullets in one pocket, and the heavy SS-12, which pierces light armor, causing severe injury; armor-piercing PS-12B, not only leaves no chance to survive clothed in the most powerful protection to the enemy, but also capable of destroying lightly armored vehicles; STS-130, originally designed for the sniper rifle “Exhaust”.

armor-Piercing bullets of PS-12B emitted from the gun can penetrate the armor of the 6th and higher protection class, and a sniper STS-130 allows to conduct aimed fire at distances up to 300 meters.

“an elephant gun” in battle

About what it was like to shoot the most powerful gun in the world, and tell no one. As we mentioned, basic information about the RSH-12 is classified. It is not even known how strong the gun recoil. Experts, looking at a few pictures of “Konoba”, note that the revolver shoots from the bottom chamber of the drum that hasto speciate reducing recoil.

the Revolver is invaluable when storming buildings, in confined spaces. First, the bullets are not ricocheting from the walls than sinning a popular family AK. Instead, they (the bullets), these walls to penetrate. Taking off from RSH-12 bullet didn’t just stop the enemy and throw him back, she could easily blow a limb off. Any resistance of the enemy after hitting speech does not go. In addition, a shot from a revolver easily knocked the door lock, if it hides the terrorists or the hostages are being held.

As an option the use of these weapons when using powerful thermal imaging cameras through walls contours of the enemy and he affected a powerful patron. While hiding in a corner armed bandit does not expect that the bullet will fly him in the head through the wall. Another way: serious injuries the opponent can inflict, just hitting him on the head with a revolver, weighing 2.2 kg. “an elephant gun” will also stop the transport with criminals: powerful cartridge will easily penetrate the engine block and will bring it down.

If necessary, the gun can be equipped with a silencer. But, given that use of weapons will most likely be in assault operations in a confined space, the feasibility of the installation of the silencer on the already massive revolver is questioned.

Who uses

And again – a mystery. Who the service received “an elephant gun” is not known. The regular army is unlikely to get it in order. It is believed that RSH-12 armed forces of the FSB and the GRU. You have to understand that this is a highly specialized weapon that shoots rare ammo and not suitable for regular army infantry combat.

the RSH-12 is part of a weapons system using the appropriate cartridge. It also includes large-caliber sniper rifle “Exhaust” and assault automatic AL-12, which in 2011 was adopted by the FSB.

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