That Stalin could buy on his salary

Another 10/03/20 That Stalin could buy on his salary

the Inventory of Generalissimo Joseph Stalin, made almost immediately after his death March 5, 1953, testified about the extreme asceticism of the leader and confirmed his bezsrebrenitsi. However, undeniable, documented was the fact that Joseph Vissarionovich relied monthly 10-thousandth salary.
a very modest, unassuming materially the life of the “father of Nations”, and the opportunity to use Stalin in the Soviet Union an exceptional amount of the most of different benefits – all these features being Generalissimo surprisingly coexist harmoniously with each other.

Several tunics, pants Yes linen

Stalin in the USSR there were about 20 houses, mostly on the sea coast – in Crimea, Abkhazia and Sochi. Died Stalin at close (Volyn) cottage located near the village of Volyn that under Concavum. The list of items belonging to Stalin, described by order of L. P. Beria in the evening on March 5, when the Generalissimo found dead there, is impressive in its austerity: a few pipes, 6 jackets, 10 pants, the passbook deveciusagi rubles…
Any jewellery (and all things of any material value), amounts of cash of Stalin in the middle cottage was found. As at other cottages, which the Generalissimo had visited during his 29-year rule.

he had the biggest salary in the USSR

Stalin received a salary of 10 thousand rubles (skilled worker in the Soviet Union earn 10 times less), monthly (and quite regularly, without delay!) pay the 300-ruble from party membership dues. At that time, the cost of cars “Victory” is equal to the sum of Stalin’s wages.
There are conspiracy theories that Stalin was fabulously rich, and in the day of his death certain employees of the MGB opened in the middle giving a Deposit box, where supposedly there were more than 3.6 million rubles and a large amount of foreign currency. Documentary evidence of this fact does not exist, as there is no clarity in where Devala Generalissimo of his salary, which, as you know, he did not spend even on normal clothes and shoes.
According to the memoirs of Stalin’s security chief Nikolai Vlasik, leaky holes to the boots of the Owner was changed at night, when the Generalissimo was asleep – the next morning if Stalin wore a pre-stitched leather brand new boots and wore them without comment, that the deed was done. And it so happened that Stalin for some reason demanded the return of his usual old worn-out boots.
still remains a mystery, to which Stalin spent his income and whether he cared about getting the money at all – in fact, the Generalissimo had lived on all ready and rested in the USSR, how much, how and where they wanted. De-facto Joseph Vissarionovich relied more and huge sums from the publication of his books that appeared in the USSR and abroad millions of copies. However, no real estate, no Bank accounts, nor any other large monetary investments Stalin left behind not.

It’s almost nothing accumulated for heirs

According to numerous memoirs of those “inner circle” of Stalin and members of their families, being harsh to a close, Stalin, soft speaking, relatives aren’t spoiled – either their own children or grandchildren. No special relationship, even more so, in financial terms.
Journalist Alexander Kolesnik in his book “Myths and truth about Stalin’s family”, in particular, quotes from “letters of workers” who began to arrive in the Soviet print media in post-perestroika times and referred to “accounts of Stalin in Swiss banks that were used by his daughter Svetlana Alliluyeva”. Kolesnik says that there is no documentary evidence of the existence of foreign Bank accounts Generalissimo was not there, and the rest after the death of Joseph Stalin savings (30 thousand non-denominated rubles) at the time was divided between the heirs. Stalin’s daughter, Svetlana Alliluyeva, in particular, has earned a solid status on the publication abroad of the famous memoir, “Twenty letters to a friend.”

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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