Russian tourists have returned from Qatar after two days of stay at the airport

Photo: AP Photo/Malak Harb

the Russians, who could not fly from Hamad airport in Qatar because of restrictions on entry into Russia, were able to return to their homeland, RIA Novosti reported.

Total from Doha flew 350 people. They were at the airport for two days. Many of them flew transit flights from different countries of the world.

On 31 Mar, Russia has restricted the export quantity of Charter flights and the number of visitors per day. Now at the same time Russia can return no more than 500 people. In addition, as of March 27, halted scheduled and Charter air transportation with foreign countries.

At the same time the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the Agency is making every effort for the return of Russians to their homeland. In particular, she spoke about the issue of compatriots in Qatar, noting that the question is solved in the framework of the working group.

April 1, the Federal tourism Agency reported that the vast majority of tourists have returned from other countries to Russia. A week before home profits of about 160 thousand people from the territory of the 43 foreign countries. Director of SIC for the prevention and treatment of viral infections Georgy Vikulov shared the opinion that the number of people infected with coronavirus in Russia will be less, after all Russian citizens back from other countries.

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